Tixplus Co., Ltd. Win an online two-shot event!? Yuya Tegoshi LIVE TOUR 2023 “CHECKMATE” commemorative lot tery starts!

Tixplus Co., Ltd.
Win an online two-shot event!? Yuya Tegoshi LIVE TOUR 2023 “CHECKMATE” commemorative lottery starts!

[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/44168/380/resize/d44168-380-522cceb339a4b7d5a51f-0.jpg&s3=44168-380-4ba95a0c769d4bbe63028d7a0664e961-1445×966.jpg] Tixplus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Sotaro Ikeda), which operates the electronic ticket business, secondary ticket sales “Ticket Pla Trade”, and viewing PASS sales platform “StreamPass”, is an online lottery platform “Kuji In commemoration of the holding of Yuya Tegoshi LIVE TOUR 2023 “CHECKMATE”, we are pleased to announce that we have started an online mobile lottery where you can win luxurious prizes. This lottery utilizes the service “Kuji Pla” provided by Tixplus Co., Ltd. and uses the one-on-one live talk ticket application “Meet Pass”, which is also provided by Tixplus Co., Ltd. “Online two-shot talk meeting”. was offered as a special prize. In addition, you can only get it here, “Lottery Pla Original Poster” and “Acrylic Stand” with your handwritten signature and your name, “Raw Photos” using live materials from this tour, you can only see it here. It will be a lottery without losing any benefits, such as “off-shot wallpaper” using off-shots that cannot be done. Yuya Tegoshi LIVE TOUR 2023 “CHECKMATE” Commemorative lottery (lottery plastic) [Holding period] May 26, 2023 (Friday) 18:00 to May 31 (Wednesday) 23:59 [Price] 1 time 550 yen (tax included) [participation target] “YUYA TEGOSHI OFFICIAL FAN CLUB” or Yuya Tegoshi Official Fansite “HONEYYY” members only * New members who join during the lottery period can also participate. * If you would like to become a new member, please proceed from the following. Annual fan club “YUYA TEGOSHI OFFICIAL FAN CLUB” https://yuyategoshi.com/feature/introduction Monthly fan site Yuya Tegoshi Official Fansite “HONEYYY”
https://fc.yuyategoshi.com/feature/entry_fs ▼ Prize list A Prize: Online two-shot talk event for 5 people Prize B: Autograph + original lottery poster with your name for 10 people Prize C: Original lottery poster for 100 people Prize D: Original acrylic stand

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