Toyo Kitchen Style Co., Ltd. Launch of 7 new products from moooi in the Netherlands

Toyo Kitchen Style Co., Ltd.
Seven new products launched by moooi in the Netherlands
Lighting with a shooting star motif and a carpet in cooperation with NASA
On May 26, 2023 (Friday), Toyo Kitchen Style Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Hidetsugu Kiyomoto) has launched seven new products from moooi in the Netherlands, which is the sole agent in Japan.
[Image 1:×1060.jpg] ・ Starfall Light 30 | Starfall Light 30
[Image 2:×760.jpg] Starfall Light is an image of a shooting star falling from the night sky. You can enjoy the uplifting feeling of encountering the trailing stars falling down, and the beautiful starry sky that brings fresh feelings and deep peace, even in a private space.
The Swedish design duo “Front”, who worked on the design, are working on a huge installation of the 800 closest stars from the earth at the Science Museum in London. How wonderful it would be if a chandelier could give you the peace you feel when you look up at the night sky. And once you bring it home. The Starfall Light takes its design inspiration from here.
[Image 3:×760.jpg] ・Aldora Sofa|Aldora Sofa
[Image 4:×1500.jpg] Two motifs are hidden in the Aldra sofa. One is Milan’s bourgeoisie, which once flourished. A combination of loose volume, feminine curves, and a luscious and rich taste filled with luxurious materials. The other is organic motifs created by the natural world such as plants and insects. The curve drawn by the backrest is from the petals of the “color” of the plant, and the two-part backrest is from the beauty of the wings of an insect in flight. Both are inspired by the mysteries of the natural world shaped by inevitable evolution.
[Image 5:×760.jpg] ・Plie Plisse Light | Plie Plisse Light
[Image 6:×1400.jpg] By adjusting the shade, you can choose the intensity and direction of the light. Widening the shade makes the light softer and more diffuse. Great for dinners, parties, or to light up an entire room. When the shade is folded in, the light source is directed downwards and more directly, illuminating the hand brightly. The flexible shade uses a cell pleat fabric with a honeycomb pattern. Inspired by honeycomb blinds that gently control light and fold and unfold. It diffuses a warm and gentle light that is similar to Japanese lanterns and paper lanterns. (
[Image 7:×760.jpg] ・Moon|Mooon
[Image 8:×1401.jpg] The mysterious star “Moon”. The moon collection was commercialized through the cooperation of NASA and moooi. It is the result of the high-definition visuals provided by NASA and the technology of Moi Carpet, which can express it in high definition. The Moon Collection clearly shows the expression of the moon, including Tycho Crater, which is extremely large among craters and can be seen even with binoculars, and Copernicus Crater, which has beautiful light streaks. (
[Image 9:×760.jpg] ・Memento Moooi Medley|Memento Moooi Medley
[Image 10:×1400.jpg ]
The Memento Moi Medley is a collection of unique extinct animal series from the Moi Carpet. Religious painting-like clouds with angels are drawn with beautiful gradations and delicate touches. You can enjoy various extinct animals peeking out from the clouds drawn with high-definition expression of the Moi carpet. Contrary to its theme, the overall image is soft and elegant. Ideal for simple, natural tastes and feminine interiors that use light colors such as beige and gray. (
・Menagerie Of Extinct Animals
[Image 11:×760.jpg] The Menagerie of Extinct Animals carpet design depicts many of the extinct animals that appear in moooi products. You can discover a rich world full of life. Surrounded by natural and exotic flora, extinct animals will celebrate nature’s diversity and inspire you to push the limits of your imagination.
・Poof | Pooof
[Image 12:×760.jpg] The companion of the moooi sofa. The pouf is the perfect companion for the moooi sofa. The pouf has been used for many purposes throughout the ages. At first glance, the simple and solid design may not be associated with flexible roles. The pouf is the perfect companion for most moooi sofas due to its user-friendly design and height. (
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( TOYO KITCHEN STYLE Official Site TOYO KITCHEN STYLE Online Shop TOYO KITCHEN STYLE Official Instagram Account■TOYO KITCHEN STYLE Founded in 1934 in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture. Based on the philosophy of “living is entertainment”, we sell interiors for the entire house, centered on the kitchen. Since its founding, the company has placed great importance on craftsmanship, and even today, it manufactures kitchens that make use of stainless steel processing techniques that are hand-crafted by skilled in-house craftsmen. The island kitchen was announced for the first time in Japan, and the kitchen was fitted with a chandelier for the first time in the world. Currently, we are developing unique products such as “Paralello”, which allows cooking to be completed in the sink, and “Zero Flow Line Kitchen”, which eliminates lateral movement in the kitchen. Both design and
functionality lead the Japanese kitchen industry. The interior is not only the original, but also serves as the general agent in Japan for the world-famous Dutch “moooi” and Italian “Kartell”, furniture, lighting, mosaics, and product art from all over the world. , Select and sell fashion from a unique perspective. It has 19 showrooms in Japan and overseas.
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