Trietting Co., Ltd. Trietting, an intelligent business automation AI, has been certified as an IT introduction support business operator for the “IT introduction subsidy 2023”

Try Etting Co., Ltd.
Trietting, an intelligent business automation AI, has been certified as an IT introduction support business operator for “IT introduction subsidy 2023”
Demand forecasting AI and shift automatic creation tools are more affordable
Nagoya University’s AI venture Try Etting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Yuki Nagae, hereinafter TRYETING) is a supplementary budget for FY2019 and supplementary budget for FY2021 “IT introduction subsidy 2023 (IT introduction support business for productivity improvement such as services)” was certified as an IT introduction support business.
[Image:×366.png] “IT Introduction Subsidy 2023” is a subsidy system that can receive a subsidy of up to 4.5 million yen, which is half of the introduction cost of IT tools, and can be introduced at a low cost. The target tools are the no-code prediction AI platform “UMWELT” and the automatic shift creation tool “HRBEST”.
Last year, TRYETING was also certified as an IT introduction support business, and last year Alps Steel Co., Ltd. introduced “UMWELT” using an IT introduction subsidy.
-Click here for details of “IT Introduction Subsidy 2023”-IT Introduction Subsidy 2023 Official Website: Eligibility: /subsidized-works.htmlApplication and procedure flow:
*Due to the characteristics of the system, both “UMWELT” and “HRBEST” contracts are required to utilize this IT introduction subsidy. About “IT introduction subsidy 2023” target tools
UMWELT, a no-code AI prediction platform that anyone can easily use It is a no-code prediction AI that can streamline
3 things you can do with UMWELT
1. Data collection/preprocessing
Algorithm that can automatically process the pre-processing part that requires a lot of time and effort, such as data cleansing.
2. AI modeling and analysis
Algorithms necessary for calculation and analysis such as machine learning and demand forecasting, which are AI parts.
3. Implementation/system integration
Combine the analysis results with various files such as Excel that are used on site. Smooth introduction such as BI display.
See below for details.
Automatic shift creation tool “HRBEST” that instantly solves complicated shift creation
Algorithm “HRBEST” using “combinatorial optimization” that can create complex shifts in an instant. Automatically calculate and create shifts that reflect the detailed rules of any industry. Various forms of employment such as part-time jobs, as well as last-minute decisions such as absenteeism and study sessions are considered. You can submit shift requests from your smartphone and check them anytime, anywhere. HRBEST provides convenient functions that are not found in other shift automatic creation tools. We support problem solving for business operators who are worried about labor shortages and productivity improvement.
“HRBEST” product URL:
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in TRYETING’s services that can utilize IT introduction subsidies.
Tri-Etting Co., Ltd. Corporate Information
An AI venture from Nagoya University that automates “intelligent work” mainly for recognition, future prediction, and optimization. We have developed the UMWELT system, which solves the so-called AI technology introduction problem of “expansion of introduction cost and
development period”, and provides automation solutions for
prediction-related tasks to enterprise core systems. In addition, we developed and sold “HRBEST”, which AI creates complex shifts with one click. We are good at optimizing people and things related to supply chains, mainly inventory management and work shift management, and are working on “intelligent business automation” in a wide range of fields such as manufacturers, retailers, logistics, and trading companies. Company name: TRYETING Inc. Representative: Yuki Nagae, President and CEO Established: June 6, 2016 Business description: Research on business-specific augmented intelligence (AI) technology in the supply chain area Development and licensing sales business Head office location: 4th floor, Central Nagoya Aoi Building, 1-20-22 Aoi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Site URL: Details about this release:

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