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[MEO check introduction example] Realization of in-house production of MEO measures in a limited time | Hanabishi Co., Ltd.

Vector Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and President: Hajime Nishie; Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime: 6058) Trihatch Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Takayuki Muto; hereinafter “ Our company”) has introduced MEO Cheki to Hanabishi Co., Ltd. (Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture / President: Satoshi Fukushima), contributing to business improvement and the ability to attract customers online.
Achieved in-house production of MEO measures in a limited amount of time
[Image 1:×720.jpg] Hanabishi Co., Ltd. operates 18 stores across Japan under the brand “HANABISHI”, which offers custom-made suits. Before introducing MEOCheck, the operation and management of Google Business Profile and SNS was outsourced to an external company. Due to outsourcing the operation to an external company, it was not possible to accumulate know-how on MEO measures, and he felt that it was an issue.
However, by introducing MEO check, we solved the problem of not being able to accumulate know-how, and succeeded in in-house production of MEO countermeasures.
In this interview, we asked Mr. Nishibayashi, who is in charge of marketing at Hanabishi Co., Ltd., “How did you manage to develop MEO measures in-house in a limited amount of time?”
Q. Please tell us the issues you had before introducing MEO Instax. Before the introduction of MEO check, we asked an external company to take measures against MEO and disseminate information on SNS. However, there were two issues with outsourcing.
・Issue 1.: Depends on the outside and cannot accumulate know-how ・Problem 2: High cost
Based on these issues, we decided to aim for in-house production by introducing MEO tools.
Q.While you were looking for an MEO tool, what made you decide to introduce MEO Instax? The most decisive factor was that there was an MEO analysis function that could clearly grasp what to do as an MEO countermeasure. We decided that it was necessary for in-house production of MEO measures because we could compare our company’s GBP information with that of competing stores and see where improvements could be made on the screen. In addition, thanks to the approval function, it was possible to build a system in which the creation of word-of-mouth reply texts was entrusted to the staff of each store, and the approval was done at the headquarters. Q.What kind of results did you get after introducing MEO Instax?
Of course, we were able to reduce the cost of outsourcing,
I think it was a great achievement that we were able to create an operation system for Google Business Profile in a limited amount of time.
I apologize for the personal matter, but due to other duties, the time I can spend on MEO measures is limited.
However, normally it would take a lot of time to post regularly and reply to reviews sent to each store, but we can handle it in about 30 minutes every week.
Q.Please tell me how to use the MEO Cheki.
[Image 2:×720.jpg] Posts leverage the automatic posting feature from Instagram to your Google Business profile.
Since Instagram posts are focused on disseminating information by the staff of each store, they are automatically reflected in the Google business profile without creating a post text from scratch.
As mentioned in the decisive factor for introduction, word-of-mouth reply uses the approval function.
As for the details of the reply flow, the staff at each store writes a reply and I approve it.
Q. What kind of companies would you like to recommend MEO Cheki to? I would like to recommend companies that fall under either of the following two patterns.
・Companies that focus on Instagram operation and manually post to the Google business profile of each store
・Companies that you want to control from the headquarters of word-of-mouth responses Q. Lastly, could you tell us about the goals you want to achieve in the future? Going forward, our goal is to increase the number of reviews on our Google Business Profile. The plan I am subscribed to has a word-of-mouth promotion function, so I would like to realize it by actively using it.
Hanabishi Co., Ltd. (
Founded in 1935, it is a company that has earned the trust of many customers as a leading company that boasts high quality, name recognition, and achievements in the custom-made suit industry. We have stores all over Japan, and our highly knowledgeable sales staff understand the needs of customers who visit us. is provided under the “HANABISHI” brand.
Tryhatch Co., Ltd. (
Founded on January 5, 2018. Headquarters, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Branch office, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Takayuki Muto,
Representative Director. In March 2018, we started local SEO (MEO) specialized media “MEO check BLOG (”. After that, Google business profile ranking measurement and analysis tool “MEO Cheki ( patented”, word-of-mouth promotion and management tool “Hoshi Kakuto-kun” (https://meo) released. MEO Cheki, including MEO Cheki for enterprises, has been introduced to 35,000 domestic stores for a fee in three and a half years since its release. Since its founding, he has been engaged in the development and provision of original SaaS specializing in stores and facilities, digital marketing support, and SNS marketing support. In April 2022, a marketing support center was opened in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. In May 2022, the Instagram analysis tool “InstaCheck” was developed, and in December of the same year, the store-specific CMS “MEOCheckHP” was released. Develop more specialized services for stores. ▼ Main services (MEO check) (MEO check for multiple stores) https://meo.tryhatch. (MEO Cheki HP) (Hoshi Kakuto) (Insta Cheki) https://instagram (Insta Hatch) (MEO Cheki BLOG)
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