TV Tokyo Group Entering the 10th year of broadcasting! Special week “Lunch trip-Please show me your meal-” broadcast from 5/22 (Mon) to 26 (Fri) at 12:00 noon

TV Tokyo group
Entering the 10th year of broadcasting! Special week “Lunch
trip-Please show me your meal-” broadcast from 5/22 (Mon) to 26 (Fri) at 12:00 noon

TV Tokyo started broadcasting in 2014. With the slogan “Please show me your food!”
This time, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the program, we will hold a special week for 5 days from May 22nd (Monday) to 26th (Friday). We will broadcast the broadcast times every day, including new coverage.
There are more than 8,300 meals of “local home-cooked meals” that I researched! Carefully selected from among them, “88-year-old grandmother’s longevity bitter gourd champuru rice bowl”, “The ultimate recipe I want to imitate tonight”, “Masashi Akikawa’s homecoming meal in Ehime prefecture”, etc. We will deliver the lives of the people we met. Please enjoy the special week.
[Image:×1080.png] -Program content-
◆Monday, May 22nd
Nationwide funny grandma & intense character gathering SP
[Performer] Akihiro Tsunoda (Tokyo 03)
・A strong character from Hachijojima, Tokyo! “Island Sushi & Ashitaba Kakiage” by the famous proprietress
・ Kunigami Village, Okinawa Prefecture! 88-year-old grandmother who is buzzing on SNS, “Goya Champloo
・ Asakawa Town, Fukushima Prefecture! Program director returns home without appointment “Satsumaage and simmered radish”
◆ May 23 (Tue)
Carefully selected program staff! Local cuisine from all over the country & the ultimate recipe you want to imitate tonight
[Performers] Yasushi Ishida, Takashi Imoto (License), Udo Suzuki (Kyain), Shinsuke Kasai, Kokado Kentaro (Locchi), Satoshi Sakurai, Takuya Tsuru (Laparfait), Nabe Kettle, Yoshiaki Yamane (Ungirls), Red Yoshida (TIM), Yuta Watanabe
・Angaroos Yamane’s Second Trip: Plump Octopus Meshi and Firefly Squid Mysterious Somen
◆Wednesday, May 24
A turbulent life of tears SP
[Performers] Akira 100% Kumiko Kondo (Nitzsche) Chankawai (W Engine) Momoka Hasegawa
・I want to walk with my husband…a wife who has been thinking for 50 years ・ A mother who supports a son with memory impairment
・ A wife who has been separated from her beloved husband, etc. ◆Thursday, May 25
Local food for reporters! Memorable meal survey in my hometown! [Performers] Masafumi Akikawa, Shizu-chan (Nankai Candies), Ryo Kato, Tomoya Satozaki, Shoko Haida
・Masashi Akikawa returns home in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture! TV first! My parents’ house is also open to the public! Memorable exquisite egg sandwich
◆ May 26 (Friday)
A village with a spectacular view deep in the mountains! Tenku no Sato SP [Performer] Kensuke Sasaki
・Go to Tenku no Sato in Oshika Village, Nagano Prefecture! Found a Kabuki actor in the field!?
・A lively family of 5 siblings and 7! “Hokuhoku Venison Croquette” made by Papa -TV Tokyo Risa Kudo Chief Producer Comment-
“Lunch trip” enters the 10th year of broadcasting! This program can be said to be rude to not only ask you to show me your food, but also to your home, work, school… various places. I am truly grateful to those who interviewed me. thank you. What I learned through the program is that there is no one without characters. Like rice, every person has their own charms and lives. Also, did Japan have such a rich natural and diverse place and “food”! That’s what I felt again. I also met a 98-year-old bonito fisherman, and I also met many children who helped in the fields. What does “work” mean? That’s what the program made me think. A “lunch trip” that may not be shocking, flashy and “shine”. However, if there were 100 people there, there would be 100 ways of food and life. There are tears, laughter, and a “lunch trip” that will give you a hint of your daily meal, thank you for your continued support!
-Program overview-
[Program name] “Lunch trip-Please show me your meal-”
[Broadcast date and time] Every Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 1:40 pm – Special week from 5/22 (Monday) to 26 (Friday) –
[Broadcasting station] TV Tokyo
[Program HP]
[Instagram] hirumeshitabi The broadcasted recipe is now posted! [Content of the program] The spotlight is on Japan’s “real food,” with the slogan “Please show me your food.”
Go on a “lunch trip”! Celebrities and program staff travel to various places, such as sightseeing spots, countryside, and local train stations and shopping streets, introducing lunches unique to each area, popular shops, and attractive meals! In addition, we will draw the lives and stories of the people who live there through “rice”. Details about this release:

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