TV Tokyo Group Human document approaching the site of business succession “THE business succession Don’t turn off the light!” 3rd broadcast decision! Sunday, June 4th at 4:00pm

TV Tokyo group
Human document approaching the site of business succession “THE business succession Don’t turn off the light!” 3rd broadcast decision! Sunday, June 4th at 4:00pm

Passing on the light of carefully nurtured businesses to the next generation! Human document approaching the site of business succession 3rd broadcast decision!
Unjash’s Kazuya Kojima, Erina Arai, and Nikkei BP’s Nobuto Ito explore hints for Japan’s revitalization.
[Image:×489.jpg] It is said that there are tens of thousands of companies that go out of business in the black each year. Passing on the light of our carefully nurtured business to the next generation
Is there a way to go? Some people try to keep their businesses alive by handing them over to third parties. Thoughts of the owner, inheritance
Introduce episodes related to business succession, such as the determination of the person, with studio talk.
A new baton shape in Kyoto that inherits the tradition
There is a tsukudani shop run by a married couple near the world heritage “Toji”. The couple was looking for a successor as they got older, but a certain mother and daughter
In response to the voices of support from those around him, he decided to take over the store. The camera captures the moment of the business transfer contract and preserves the tradition and develops it We approach the appearance of the challenge of a mother and daughter. ■ Determination and preparation of a transportation company that inherits the light of a historic eel restaurant
The oldest eel restaurant in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, which used to be an eel farming town. The store owner is a person who can protect the traditional taste
I wanted to entrust A transportation company that is growing rapidly in the local Tsu city has put up its name there. born and raised For the sake of the region, to preserve tradition, and to solve the problems facing the transportation industry, he said he was determined to pass on the tradition.
cormorant. What is the purpose?
■ Why in the period of business expansion? The decision of the founder’s father and daughter president who strongly opposed M&A A company that manufactures and sells wood, DIY shelves and wooden box kits for home centers in Fukuoka Prefecture. founder’s father A female president who took over the company and expanded her business through online shopping. Looking to the future, M&A decision No, my father is vehemently against it… Will I be able to convince him? Depicts the anguish leading up to M&A.
-Performer’s comment-
■ Kazuya Kojima (Unjash)
Every time this program has a drama about the people who succeed the business, the store, and the company, and sometimes accidents happen due to unexpected reasons. I want people to see it! Excuse me for praising my own program! I will do my best to convey the business succession to many people!
■ Erina Arai
There are various dramas behind the passing on of feelings, and the feelings of both the person who has inherited and the person who will inherit them are the same.
I felt that the long-established store continued to exist. Japan wants to cherish what they have now
I feel like it reminds me of a feeling of pride as a person. Everyone is positive about business succession
It’s a very heartful thing to continue the business.
■ Nobuto Ito (Nikkei BP Executive Officer)
M&A has become familiar to both SMEs and the general public. what are the actual examples
what kind of people are working on it, and how to get closer to success. This time, the audience
We will approach the actual situation while focusing on M&A that is happening next to everyone’s life.
-Producer’s comment-
■ TV Tokyo Masahiro Yoshihara
It’s the 3th broadcast! This time, we will focus on the succession of businesses that are rooted in the region. Precisely because it is loved by the local community, it is important to inherit “that light” in a way that does not disappoint that expectation. You will be reminded of the true value of the business you inherit!
-Program overview-
[Program name] “THE business succession, don’t turn off the light!” [Broadcast date and time] Sunday, June 4, 4:00 pm to 4:55 pm [Broadcasting stations] TV Tokyo TV Osaka TV Aichi TV Setouchi TV Hokkaido TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting
[Performers] Kazuya Kojima (Unjash), Erina Arai, Nobuto Ito
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[Program Twitter] @ShokeiTx
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