Two doors smartly enter and exit the playpen! A 2-door playpen is now available in Tansu no Gen’s “Active Mama Series”

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Two doors smartly enter and exit the playpen! A 2-door playpen is now available in Tansu no Gen’s “Active Mama Series”
From the popular child-rearing furniture series “Genki Mama Series” by active mama employees, a “2-door playpen” with all door locks that can be easily opened with one hand is newly introduced.

Tansu no Gen Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Tansu no Gen, Head Office: Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Hirokazu
Hashizume), which develops furniture and interior x EC business, reflects the “real voices” of active moms, We are pleased to inform you that we have launched a “2-door playpen” that has two doors for smoother entry and exit.
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[Image 1:×650.jpg] (Note: “2-door playpen” with two doors for easy entry and exit) There are many types of normal playpens that are only circles without doors to enter and exit, and types that have one door at the entrance and exit. A playpen without a door means that an adult must step over to enter and exit the circle. In addition, if a playpen with a single door is installed in a living space that is connected to multiple rooms, users of the playpen have complained that it is necessary to go around when entering and exiting.
Therefore, this product has commercialized a “2-door playpen” that allows you to enter and exit the circle smartly at any time with two doors.
◇ What is the “Series Conceived by Working Moms”?
Tansu no Gen has been planning and developing child-rearing furniture such as “jungle gyms”, “school bag racks”, “bunk beds”, and “study desks” as “a series conceived by active moms”.
In this series, working moms who actually work at Tansu no Gen share their worries and anxieties while raising children, and commercialize products that eliminate their worries. By turning concerns into products, we have gained a lot of support and sympathy from housewives of the child-rearing generation.
[Image 2:×211.jpg] ◇ Two-door support for entering and exiting circles
[Image 3:×217.jpg] (Note: 2 doors that are easy to enter and exit while holding a child) Playpens without doors need to straddle the circle, and with one door type there is a case where you have to wrap around to get in and out of the circle. This product has two doors, so you can enter and exit from two directions, and you can change the position of the door panel according to your lifestyle.
The door with a lock that can be easily closed with one hand can only be opened from the outside.
◇ Panels that can be freely rearranged according to the position of the room
[Image 4:×211.jpg] (Note: It can be freely transformed according to the space of the room) This product can be easily assembled without using tools by fitting the joint parts together.
The playpen panels are easy to dismantle, assemble and move because they are made of lightweight high-density polyethylene. Another point is that the shape and size can be freely rearranged, such as rectangular, hexagonal, and L-shaped, according to the size of the room and lifestyle.
◇66cm in height that a child does not have to worry to get over In general, most playpens are 50-70 cm tall, which an adult can step over. This product is also designed at a height of 66 cm, which is difficult for children to climb over. It is possible to ensure the safety of children by making it a height that they cannot climb over. It can also be used as a pet circle for small dogs, and can be used to separate the play space for pets and children.
[Image 5:×217.jpg] (Note: Door locks that are hard to reach for children)
◇ With anti-slip that does not move even if a child puts weight on it Some people who use playpens feel uneasy about the panels moving when their children put their weight on them. This product can be firmly fixed by attaching a rubber anti-slip, so you can use it safely without worrying about the playpen wobbling. It is also possible to reduce scratches and damage to the flooring by attaching non-slip pads to the contact surface of the floor and panel.
[Image 6:×217.jpg] (Note: Keep the shape of the playpen because it is non-slip) ◇ Uses materials and paints that consider the safety of children This product has been tested for all 7 types of dangerous substances that cause sick building syndrome, and the values ​​are below the standard values, so you can use it with confidence. In addition, this product has undergone quality control and strength tests so that it does not deform even when pressure is applied to the panels and joints. In addition, even if children lick parts such as panels, we use paint that does not pose a problem under the Food Sanitation Act.
[Image 7:×217.jpg] (Note: Use paint that is safe for children to lick)
◇ Sales information
The [Active Mama Series] 2-door playpen that will be released this time is now available at Tansu-no-Gen head office and Tansu-no-Gen stores. Please refer to the product page for details such as price and delivery date.
◇ Product information
■ [Active mom series] 2-door playpen
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◇ Sales page
■ Product number: 72500004
[Active mom series] 2-door playpen
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