Uniforce Co., Ltd. Uniforce -IPO preparation cloud- updates functions related to information security!

Uniforce Inc.
Uniforce -IPO preparation cloud- updates information security functions! We will update the functions for secure operation from time to time.
Uniforce Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Kazuya Sunada), which provides IPO support for start-up companies, back-office support, financial disclosure support for listed companies, and business document creation services. As functions, we will release access source IP address restriction function, two-factor authentication function and security log function, and promise to put more effort into information security than ever before.
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Background of service development

We are developing a SaaS business specializing in corporate governance and a consulting business by certified public accountants. Due to the characteristics of our business, we are focusing on information security, and we are implementing the following measures.
■ Acquisition of ISMS (ISO27001)
■ Thorough design for secure product development
■ Implementation of vulnerability diagnosis by a third party In addition, our customers have been strongly requesting functions for secure operation when using our products.

Issues occurring in the field and released functions

Our product itself is developed with a very secure architecture, but we lacked the functions for our customers to operate securely, so we concentrated our resources in April and May. We released the following functions.
■ Access IP address restriction function
■ Two-factor authentication function
■ Security log function

Service features

It is a function that makes it possible for customers to use it safely and securely, and in the unlikely event that unauthorized use is discovered, it is possible to trace the evidence of unauthorized use. In order to realize “customers can use it safely and securely”, the functions to prevent unauthorized use even if the ID and password are leaked are “access IP address restriction function” and “two-factor authentication function”. I’m here.
As for “it is possible to follow the evidence of unauthorized use”, the “security log function” records the security change history so that “who” changed “when”, “from where”, and “what” can be known. It has become
■ Access IP address restriction function
By restricting the IP address when accessing the product to only the specified IP address, it is possible to prevent unauthorized users with malicious intent from using it. It can also reduce the risk of information being leaked when employees use it at home or in cafes. Also, even if the ID and password are leaked, it can be used only from the specified location, so the security risk can be greatly reduced. ■ Two-factor authentication function
In addition to authentication by ID and password, it is a function to authenticate using a second authentication factor using an
authentication app (Authenticator). Even if the ID and password are leaked, the authentication app will generate a password each time, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorized use.
We have verified the operation with “GoogleAuthenticator”.
*”Google Authenticator” is a trademark of Google LLC.
■ Security log function
By keeping a history of changes to security settings, in the unlikely event that an unauthorized incident occurs, we will support you in tracing the trail and reaching the root cause. By clarifying the root cause, it becomes possible to take appropriate measures.

Service introduction

A service specializing in IPO preparation designed by a certified public accountant who has supported numerous IPO preparations so far, it is possible to improve operational efficiency and manage risk management.
■ IPO preparation cloud
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/90278/33/resize/d90278-33-356afb14144843a4c3df-0.png&s3=90278-33-152d71b00af4a11c8ff6e058b0bb10ff-3328×1256.png] https://ipo.uniforce-cloud.com/
■ Cloud settlement disclosure management service
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/90278/33/resize/d90278-33-2b4d581c8ce0e73cc177-5.png&s3=90278-33-9891b2b910a93a23067783753cae9565-3328×1256.png] https://uniforce-cloud.com/

About Uniforce Inc.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/90278/33/resize/d90278-33-881b0ac5347f6747146e-1.png&s3=90278-33-6aae70f4cc3331c503c31c7a4b8c2a3f-3112×1054.png] ■ Representative: Kazuya Sunada Certified Public Accountant
■ Date of establishment: August 13, 2020
■ Capital: 315,168,000 yen (including capital reserve)
■ Company HP: https://uniforce.co.jp/
■ Service site: https://ipo.uniforce-cloud.com/
■ Business description: SaaS service development and operation business, BPO agency business, IPO support business, external CFO business, branding business, material design business

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