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USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Notice regarding winning “DEALWATCH AWARDS 2022”

Notice regarding the award of “DEALWATCH AWARDS 2022”

USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yasuhide Uno, hereinafter referred to as the Company) has announced the “DEALWATCH AWARDS 2022” sponsored by Refinitiv Japan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). (Dealwatch Awards 2022)”, we are pleased to announce that we have won the “Debut Debt Deal of the Year” in the corporate bond category.
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(From left) Hiroko Yoneda, Editor-in-Chief of DealWatch, Refinitiv Japan, Shohei Mabuchi, Managing Director and CFO of Refinitiv, Sho Nishimoto, General Manager of Finance and Investor Relations Department, Management Division, Managing Director of Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. (in charge of business corporations) Mr. Tomohide Wakayama, Mr. Hideo Tomita, President of Refinitiv Japan Co., Ltd.
The DEALWATCH AWARDS was established in 1995 with the aim of contributing to the development and expansion of Japan-related capital markets. They are selected in consideration of pricing, price formation after shifting to the secondary market, contribution to the development of the capital market, and originality and ingenuity. In September 2022, we will establish a flexible financial structure in preparation for capital investment, investments and loans, and working capital for business growth in response to an uncertain business environment (geopolitical risks, supply chain problems, depreciation of the yen, progressing inflation, etc.). The first bond was issued with the intention of building a foundation, but “Among the issuers making their debut in the corporate bond market, we are developing a rare business centered on video distribution services. With a relatively low credit rating of BBB+, the market environment is harsh. Despite this, the high name recognition and strong performance have been evaluated, and the demand from investors has been strong.” ja_jp/documents/other/dealwatch-award-2022-en.pdf) was evaluated and led to this award.
We will continue to strive to continuously improve our corporate value and aim to be a company that is supported and trusted by the capital market.
■Company profile
Company name: USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
Location: Meguro Central Square, 3-1-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yasuhide Uno, President and CEO
Established: February 3, 2009
Capital: 96.86 million yen (as of August 31, 2022)
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