USTUS Co., Ltd. The donation platform “OSUSO” has started developing “OSUSO TOWN” and signed a partner ship agreement with Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture as its first partner.

USTUS Co., Ltd.
The donation platform “OSUSO” has started developing “OSUSO TOWN” and signed a partnership agreement with Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture as its first partner.
-Efforts to acquire new regional revitalization financial resources by collecting contributions from local companies and individuals based on their feelings and affection for the region-

Change the world with Japanese caring culture “Osusowake”. USTUS, Inc. (Headquarters: Shuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takuma Nitta; hereinafter referred to as Astas Inc.), which operates business based on the corporate philosophy of “OSUSO TOWN”, a project to solve local issues together with local governments. We concluded cooperation agreement with city on April 25, 2023. We will work to solve local issues by using local companies and individuals as a new source of revenue for regional revitalization. ■ What is “OSUSO”? Collect surplus items, unwanted items, part of profits, etc.
Forming partnerships with about 200 organizations that need support, and continuing to provide support
It is a platform that collects “Osusowake”. We aim to increase the total amount of money spent for society per person (donation distribution amount) and promote the resolution of social issues. ▼ Click here for details OSUSO homepage: What is “OSUSO TOWN”?
[Image 1:×1420.png] “OSUSO TOWN”, which is newly developed by “OSUSO”, is based on the theme of “town development where sharing is circulating, gathering thoughts about hometowns and supporting each other”, and solving local problems together with local governments. It’s a big project to work on. Local governments, local companies, and citizens face social issues in the region, collect donations from their feelings and affection for the region, and utilize them as a new source of revenue for regional revitalization for local governments, thereby realizing prosperous urban development.
About the partnership agreement with Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture Shiroishi City has a basic perspective of “developing human
resources,” “improving regional power,” and “creating new value.” In order to promote urban development that responds to the declining population, declining birthrate and aging population, we are working on various measures while cooperating with citizens and various related organizations.
Coordination and cooperation with private business operators is indispensable in order to realize the future image we aim for and to promote the realization of the “resident-centered regional development strategy”, which is positioned as a key strategy.
Utilizing the “OSUSO TOWN” mechanism, we have decided to conclude a comprehensive partnership agreement to promote community development by supporting social contribution activities through sharing. Mayor Yamada’s Thoughts on the Partnership Agreement “Through OSUSO, the spirit of osso-wake, which is one of the wonderful Japanese cultures, will be widely spread throughout society, and the warm hearts of many companies and employees who work for them. We hope that goodwill will be greatly utilized in solving various problems in the region.” Shiroishi City Official Youtube Channel
[Image 2:×1026.jpg] Contents of the partnership agreement (1) Matters related to social contribution activities through donations (2) Matters related to regional revitalization (3) Other matters deemed necessary to achieve the purpose Shiroishi Municipal Shiroishi Minami Elementary School and Shiroishi Minami Junior High School (commonly known as “Shiroishi Kibo Gakuen”), a special school designated by the Ministry of Science for refusal to attend elementary and junior high school, has opened. Aiming to be a “school that does not feel like a school”, we aim to create a “place where you can spend time calmly”, enhance hands-on activities that allow you to experience “being recognized”, and build motivation and confidence through “optimal learning for each individual”. is focused on becoming
In the future, we will continue to hold discussions with Shiroishi City about solving local issues. ■ Inquiries about services About Astus Co., Ltd. Established: October 2018 Representative Director: Takuma Nitta A creative company that designs donations. Corporate Philosophy “Change the world with Japanese compassionate culture “Osusowake”. ”, We provide a platform that aims to solve social issues through sharing by designing sharing actions such as support, support, and donations in an interesting and fun way. Our mission is to make the lives around us sustainable and solve social issues. Currently, we operate the burger brand “BURGERS TOKYO” in Shimokitazawa, which supports one school lunch for one burger, and has led to support of about 82,000 meals at one store for three years. From March 2023, we will start the donation platform “OSUSO” and aim to solve social issues through sharing.
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