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Vector Builder Japan opens second domestic office in Kobe Medical Industry City We will collaborate with local scientific innovations from Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster to support the development of gene medicines.

Vector Builder Japan Co., Ltd. will open its second domestic office today in the Kobe Medical Industry City Kimec Center Building. Kobe: Vector Builder Japan Co., Ltd. today opens its second domestic office in the Kobe Medical Industry City Kimek Center Building. Miho Katsu, Representative Director of the Company’s Japanese subsidiary, said, “We have been considering the opening of the Western Japan office for several years, considering the convenience of our users. In view of the fact that we are doing this, we decided to open it in the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster.Our Chinese manufacturing base has the latest cGMP manufacturing facility equivalent to one cup of Tokyo Dome. It will be possible to import GMP grade viruses, plasmid DNA, and RNA from Kansai International Airport and deliver them to users in the Kansai area in the shortest number of days.In addition, we have five team members in Kobe, so we will face-to-face. -Face meetings can be held frequently.Convenience for West Japan users will be improved in various aspects.”
[Image 1:×658.jpg] At our manufacturing base in Guangzhou, China, three buildings are currently in operation as GMP manufacturing facilities, and we are responsible for GMP manufacturing from North America, Europe and China. We have already concluded strategic business alliances with Pall Corporation, Univercells Technologies, etc., and are working to obtain samples preferentially and optimize our manufacturing platform. In addition, in a business alliance with LandauBio, we have
established a primate gene therapy R&D center to ensure that our users can enjoy high-quality GMP contract manufacturing services from various aspects.
Masayo Takahashi, President of the Vision Care Group, said,
“Congratulations on the opening of the Kobe office. We needed AAV for in vivo applications in exploratory research at the former RIKEN laboratory, and we just established it. We were introduced to your company.Since then, we have been able to quickly provide high-quality AAV vectors and ready-to-use AAV vectors, and we have been able to maintain the analysis cycle of experimental data and promote research. I sincerely pray for further development in the future.”
Mr. Masaaki Furuta, Director of Kobe Lab, Ficell Co., Ltd., said, “Congratulations on the opening of your company’s western Japan office in the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster. Through this business, we support the research and development of pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine products, food, etc. From now on, we will take advantage of the high convenience of being in the same building on Port Island as a master for vector builders and Japan GMP users. We will continue to manage the storage and management of the cell bank.We will continue to make efforts to develop genetic medicines in Japan from Kobe by leveraging our mutual strengths and working together to improve the convenience of users who are responsible for the development of gene medicines. I have received the word.
By using the contract services provided by our company, we provide users with a sense of security that the project will be implemented accurately and efficiently from the beginning, and we will support the project to proceed smoothly.
[Image 2:×318.jpg] VectorBuilder Inc. also opened our UK subsidiary in Edinburgh, UK on May 23rd. As a world leader in gene delivery technology, it aims to strengthen technical support for UK researchers.
Christina McClure, PhD., Associate Sales Director for Europe, UK and Scandinavia at VectorBuilder, said, “The total number of peer-reviewed research papers published from the UK will be around 200,000 in 2020, the third highest in the world. VectorBuilder Inc’s UK entity is committed to making approximately half of our European workforce based in the UK and to our commitment to advancing UK scientific research.” Kristofer Mussar, VectorBuilder’s COO, added: “Partnering with VectorBuilder frees researchers from the hassles of cloning and transfection. Overcome the gene delivery bottlenecks and accelerate translational medicine and drug development. Rely on us to accelerate your project and bring your project to life.Our global team has already developed innovative gene therapy drugs for Menkes disease, a rare genetic disease, and conducted first-in-human clinical studies. We also announced last year that VectorBuilder will manufacture and market a gene therapy drug for the treatment of paralysis for Stand Up Therapeutics.”
VectorBuilder streamlines the labor-intensive routine tasks of vector construction and viral packaging through its innovative gene delivery technology, helping researchers focus their natural talents on solving important research questions. . By joining the Edinburgh Technopole, a pioneering group in the Midlothian Science Zone, we bring together the UK’s dynamic scientific ecosystem and world-class expertise, as well as strong partnerships with leading academic institutions and biotech companies in the region. nurture
“VectorBuilder has provided us with high-quality AAV viral vectors for mass production for in vivo applications. With the advice provided by VectorBuilder more accessible, researchers across the UK are now able to pursue hypothesis-driven research and gain insights without wasting time on labor-intensive AAV production. We can spend more time analyzing the data we collect,” said Martin Madill, senior scientist at Purespring Therapeutics.
[Image 3:×1036.jpg] About Vector Builder
VectorBuilder is the world leader in gene delivery technology. VectorBuilder Inc. is a trusted partner to research customers belonging to more than 50,000 universities, research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies worldwide, designing, developing, and delivering gene delivery solutions from basic research to clinical applications. We provide one-stop service for optimization. The award-winning Vector Design Studio is a groundbreaking innovation that allows researchers to easily design and order custom vectors online, freeing them from the routine chores of cloning and packaging in the lab. To do. Our Global has high-throughput vector manufacturing capabilities, a large stock of vectors and components, a one-to-one service CRO solution that also includes advanced AAV capsid engineering technology, and
state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facilities. Our cell gene therapy products have received IND approval from regulatory agencies, including the FDA. With cutting-edge R&D and CDMO manufacturing capabilities, the VectorBuilder team is globally committed to providing the most effective gene delivery tools and solutions for life science research and gene medicine.
Vector Builder Japan Co., Ltd.
Japanese subsidiary head office: Endo Building 6B, 2-12-16
Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster Office: Kimec Center Building 9H, 1-5-2 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phicell Co., Ltd.
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