WOWOW Co., Ltd. Notice of renewal of WOWOW official owned media “FEATURES!”

WOWOW Co., Ltd.
Notice of renewal of WOWOW official owned media “FEATURES!”

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We are pleased to announce that the official owned media “FEATURES!” ( has been renewed today. Since its launch in 2017, “FEATURES!” has been disseminating various articles centered on producers, content, services, etc., with the theme of “prejudice”. This time, we have implemented a renewal for the purpose of conveying our company to our stakeholders in an
easier-to-understand manner and strengthening owned media recruiting. In addition to the major redesign of the design, we changed the categories into five categories: “contents & services,” “workers,” “technology,” “IR,” and “social initiatives,” in order to make it a media that understands everything about WOWOW. bottom.
Introduction of each category
1. “Contents & Services”: We will focus mainly on the thoughts of producers who produce and procure movies, dramas, sports, music, etc. 2. “Workers”: We will convey in an easy-to-understand manner the people who work at WOWOW, the environment, systems, and recruitment efforts.
3. “Technology”: In collaboration with various companies, artists, engineers and creators, we will cover the future of WOWOW and activities to create new entertainment.
4. “IR”: Conveying information such as our company’s financial results. 5. “Efforts for society”: We will mainly introduce the activities of SDGs and WHO I AM PROJECT.
In the future, we will continue to publish various articles so that more people can learn about WOWOW’s efforts and the thoughts of working people.
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