Xyz Lab started providing chatbot construction and maintenance automation services in collaboration with OpenAI’s technology, which deploys ChatGPT.

xy’s Lab Co., Ltd.
Xyz Lab started providing chatbot construction and maintenance automation services in collaboration with OpenAI’s technology, which deploys ChatGPT.
AI chatbot knowledge data is automatically generated from internal documents, etc., greatly reducing initial construction and maintenance work, and it is also possible to respond to company-specific specialized inquiries.

X’s Lab Co., Ltd. (head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Jun Kikuchi, hereinafter referred to as X’s Lab), which provides AI-based business efficiency services such as AI chatbots, AI chat search, and AI document search, is also used for ChatGPT. We are pleased to inform you that we will start providing “CAIWA Service VIII Powered by ChatGPT API”, which automates the initial construction and maintenance of chatbots by using GPT of OpenAI*1, which is widely used in chatbots.
*1 OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company.
CAIWA Service VIII Powered by ChatGPT API development background Xyz Lab’s chatbot CAIWA Service series has been highly evaluated by the companies that have introduced it for its high accuracy in recognizing natural words. The conversation engine used in the CAIWA Service has more than 20 years of research and development and commercial experience, and the uniquely developed language model that has been refined during that time enables the accuracy of language recognition even in the initial state where the user has not learned it. It has the advantage of being high. In addition, we have prepared a tool that can be easily maintained to improve the accuracy of answers.
Although the CAIWA service has received high praise for its
performance, there has been a growing demand for a reduction in the initial construction and maintenance load.
Therefore, this time, by linking with GPT, we have realized automation of Q&A data creation and maintenance, making it possible to provide CAIWA services that better meet the needs of companies.
Overview and Features of CAIWA Service VIII Powered by ChatGPT API GPT is good at generating tailored text from unstructured data. Using this function, chatbot knowledge data is automatically generated*2 from intellectual property such as internal documents. As a result, the initial construction and maintenance of the chatbot can be greatly reduced, and it will be possible to respond to specialized inquiries about company-specific products and services that would be difficult with ChatGPT alone.
*2 The entered information will not be used as learning data on the OpenAI side.
[Image 1:×675.png] -Outline of each function-
・ Q&A automatic generation function:
A function to automatically generate a batch of Q&A lists required for the initial construction of an AI chatbot
・Answer automatic generation function:
A function that automatically generates example answers for questions that could not be answered during maintenance
Unstructured data such as internal documents, product catalogs, manuals, and email inquiry histories can be used for automatic generation.
Automatically generated data can be easily checked and edited, avoiding the risk of giving wrong answers.
All operations can be performed on the management screen of CAIWA Service, so batch management is possible.
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Xyz Lab will continue to focus on the development of innovative functions using generative AI such as OpenAI’s GPT architecture, and release various products and functions that can provide new value. I plan to continue.
About Xyz Lab’s CAIWA Service
[Image 2:×150.png] CAIWA Service is a high-performance AI chatbot based on the AI ​​conversation engine “CAIWA” equipped with a trained language model. Three types of products are available according to the purpose and application. ・AI Chatbot CAIWA Service VIII
Viii is an AI chatbot that can be used for internal help and customer support. Since it is equipped with a pre-trained language model, it does not take much time to introduce it, and it has been highly evaluated by the companies that have introduced it for its high accuracy of answers and easy maintenance. It can also be used with Microsoft Teams and many messenger apps, with options for multiple languages ​​in over 100 countries. There are both cloud type and on-premise type of provision method.
・AI chat search CAIWA Service CoReDA
CoReDA is a chat-type information retrieval system that allows users to easily obtain desired information through advanced search functions that utilize AI. It is characterized by being able to easily create narrow search scenarios and Q&A just by importing data and making basic settings.
It is used by pharmaceutical companies to search for drug information for medical professionals and to search for product information on EC sites.
・ AI document search CAIWA Service FinDoc
FinDoc assists in finding the necessary information from the large amount of electronic documents accumulated in the company. It searches file names and full text within documents, not just where the file is located, but on which page the information you’re looking for can be found. By linking with VIII, it is possible to switch to FinDoc when an inquiry cannot be answered while responding to inquiries, and to present the most suitable information in the document if it is available.
About Xyz Lab
[Image 3:×47.png] Established in January 2017. We mainly provide products such as chatbots based on our proprietary AI conversation platform “CAIWA” and conduct applied research on various technologies related to AI. Xyz Lab was established in 2017, but there is a predecessor company, and “CAIWA” has a history of more than 20 years since it was developed during the previous company’s era, and is still developing for performance improvement. We will continue to strive to incorporate the latest technology to improve the performance of products based on “CAIWA”, and aim to contribute to the development of society by applying AI technology to various fields.
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