Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Maasa Ishihara, a dancer who is active worldwide, will appear as a guest in Yoshimoto’s serious strategy variety show “Entertainment Future Strategy (Tentative)”.

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Yoshimoto’s serious strategy variety show “Entertainment Future Strategy (Tentative)” will feature world-famous dancer Maasa Ishihara as a guest.
In addition, the Billboard Japan corner will feature Ryuki Chatan, a Generation Z singer who has become a hot topic for singing in a new Pocari Sweat TV commercial!

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A new program “Entertainment Future Strategy (Tentative)” that considers the future of entertainment started on BS Yoshimoto. This program interviews influencers, creators, artists, and business people who are working on cutting-edge services for the Z generation, and approaches the future strategy of entertainment.
Our 18th guest is Maasa Ishihara, a world-famous dancer! She talks about the secrets of seizing opportunities as she stands on the same stage with many famous artists such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. What is the “future of entertainment” that Maasa Ishihara envisions? ?
In the latest music scene commentary with full cooperation from Billboard Japan, we will feature Ryuki Kitatani, a generation Z singer who has become a hot topic in Pocari Sweat’s new TV commercial singing appearance!
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The MC will be Kazuko Kurosawa from Morisanchu and Takehito Masui, Executive Chief Producer of Warner Music Japan, and former Fuji TV announcer Moemi Kushiro will perform. Kurosawa, who does not have an account such as SNS and does not have Wi-Fi at home, is also a highlight of his reaction to the latest entertainment.
[Program information] Entertainment future strategy (provisional)
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“Entertainment Future Strategy (Tentative)”
Broadcast channel: BS Yoshimoto (BS265ch)
Broadcast date and time: Saturday, May 6, midnight 0:00-0:30 Broadcast Performers: Kazuko Kurosawa (Mori Sanchu), Takehito Masui (Warner Music Japan), Moemi Kushiro, Yuma Totsuka (Billboard Japan)
#18 Guest: Maasa Ishihara
How to watch:
[TV] BS265ch (free broadcast)
[Smartphone/PC] BS Yoshimoto website (free delivery)
Click here for the BS Yoshimoto website: https://bsy.co.jp/
Click here for the official program page https://bsy.co.jp/programs/by0000017637 Details about this release:


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