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[Taiwan Information] Taiwan Metalworking Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Industry Overview and Outlook for 2023 -Wise Machinery Industry Journal May 2023 Issue 4th Edition-
– Analysis of the latest trends in Taiwan’s electronics,
semiconductors, EV automobiles, and machine tool industries –
Y’s Consulting Group (Headquarters: Taipei, Republic of China; Representative Director: Yasushi Yoshimoto) has published the 4th week of May 2023 issue of Taiwan’s machinery industry magazine “Y’s Machinery Industry Journal”. This week’s issue introduces trends in the machine tool industry, the manufacturing industry in general, the battery industry, and the office equipment industry.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/59899/198/resize/d59899-198-d958b17cb1ddd50b02fe-0.jpg&s3=59899-198-1cbbb30f00c8902b697aec8501209b32-887×649.jpg] -Contents of the latest issue-
Taiwan Metalworking Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Industry Overview and Outlook for 2023
Changes over the past decade in the six direct-controlled
municipalities of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry
Taoyuan battery cell plant completed by GAS, becoming the first 1 GWh scale plant in Taiwan
Current Status of Taiwan Office Equipment and 2023 Prospects -Overview of Taiwan metalworking equipment manufacturing industry and outlook for 2023-
1. Industry Overview
Q1 2023 production/sales will fall below the same period of the previous year In 2022, the production value of Taiwan’s metalworking machinery equipment (machine tool) manufacturing industry was NT$126.872 billion, an increase of 4.19% over the previous year, and the sales value was NT$127.485 billion, an increase of 4.41%. In the first to third quarter (January to September) of 2010, orders increased significantly in the fourth quarter (October to December) of the previous year. ) Both production and sales exceeded the same period last year due to increased demand for aerospace such as communication satellites, ▽ renewable energy, ▽ medical and healthcare, and ▽ semiconductors. However, in the 4th quarter of 2020, production and sales were affected by ▽ Decrease in exports to Russia due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ▽ Decrease in orders for exports to China due to China’s zero-coronavirus policy, ▽ The impact of the global economic slowdown due to the US interest rate hike. Both decreased from the same period of the previous year.
The slump in the global economy will continue in 2023, the economic outlook is deteriorating, and lending costs are rising. Also, in January 2011, the Taiwanese government tightened export controls on Russia and Belarus, adding machine tools to the list of products subject to controls. In addition, sluggish foreign demand has led to a decrease in capital investment in Taiwan’s manufacturing industry. Based on the above, both the production value and sales value of the Taiwanese industry in the first quarter of 2011 are expected to fall below the same period of the previous year.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/59899/198/resize/d59899-198-7e984f13b5bb8566e098-1.jpg&s3=59899-198-a3a1499bbdb6da7cd81dea704301667f-567×315.jpg] 2. Sales status by category
Machining center sales in January 2011 decreased by 34.27%, NC lathes decreased by 21.5%
1. metal cutting machine tools
Among metal cutting machine tools, sales of “machining centers” in January 2011 were 1,563 million yuan, down 34.27% from the same month of the previous year, and sales of “NC lathes” were 1,311 million yuan, down 21.5%. In addition to a decrease in the scale of
procurement by the automobile industry, export restrictions on exports to Russia had an impact.
In January 2011, sales of “cutting machine tool parts” were 1.086 billion yuan, down 36.81% year-on-year. Decreased orders from cutting machine tool manufacturers and decreased demand for China had an impact.
2. Metal forming machine tools
Among metal forming machine tools, sales of “press machines” in January 2011 were 172 million yuan, down 50.56% from the same month last year. Sales of press machines are on a long-term downward trend. In addition, sales of “hydraulic press machines” in January 2011 were 57 million yuan, down 41.08% from the same month of the previous year. “Surface treatment equipment” was 185 million yuan, down 47.36%. Metal product manufacturers were affected by the sharp rise in steel prices, and there was also a reactionary decline from the high level in the same month of the previous year.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/59899/198/resize/d59899-198-c1dff821851922bffdbe-3.jpg&s3=59899-198-ac0f9adf79d0e7ba74e99cfdf8054965-575×582.jpg] 3. Overview of imports and exports
Import value down 32.6%, export value down 3.4% in January-February 2011
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/59899/198/resize/d59899-198-abd45903745e04424d66-2.jpg&s3=59899-198-bc94d28543b452734bc0638528bfbcfd-569×281.jpg] In January-February 2011, Taiwan’s industry’s import value was 3.428 billion yuan, down 32.61% year-on-year. Expansion of U-turn investment by Taisho (Taiwanese companies operating overseas) had the effect of supporting domestic demand. bottom. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the production index of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry in January 2011 fell 21.82% year-on-year, while export orders for January and February 2023 fell 18.84% year-on-year. The
depreciation of the Taiwanese yuan also contributed to rising import costs. (Omitted)
5. Future Prospects
 In 2023, political instability, monetary tightening, and energy crises continued in various countries, causing the economies of the United States, Europe, and China to slow down, and the demand for machine tools to slow down. The willingness to invest in equipment in the manufacturing industry of each country is weak, which is expected to affect the exports of Taiwan’s industry. Demand within Taiwan is also expected to remain sluggish.
On the other hand, this Taiwanese industrial manufacturer is developing demand in the energy field such as wind power generation and electric vehicles (EV).
Based on the above, the production value and sales value of Taiwanese industry for the full year 2011 are expected to decrease slightly from the previous year.
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