ZitzGen Co., Ltd. “Business strategy building seminar centered on intermediary acquisition”

ZitzGen Co., Ltd.
“Business Strategy Building Seminar Centered on Brokerage Acquisition” Thorough explanation of management strategies in the era of inventory depletion of newly completed properties held on June 15, 16, and 19, 2023

ZitzGen Co., Ltd. (location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Daiki Yoshimoto, *reading: Jitsugen) targets real estate brokerage companies, We will hold a “business strategy building seminar centered on intermediary acquisition” to explain our efforts. The date and time will be June 15th (Thursday), 16th (Friday), and 19th (Monday), 2023. It will be held at the Tokyo venue on the 15th, the Osaka venue on the 16th, and the web venue on the 19th. We are here.
*The contents are the same for all schedules.
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[Tokyo/Osaka/Web held] Business strategy building seminar centered on intermediary acquisition “[Tokyo/Osaka/Web held] Business strategy building seminar centered on intermediary acquisition”
https://zitzgen.com/seminar/2623/・Seminar Overview Currently, the market environment surrounding the real estate brokerage industry is changing rapidly, and real estate brokerage companies are under pressure to transform their business models. Until the beginning of 2020, companies that specialize in new property brokerage and have invested a lot of sales promotion expenses into major portal sites such as SUUMO have greatly improved their performance. However, in the last year, the cost of newly built properties has skyrocketed due to the impact of soaring building material prices and soaring land purchase prices. As a result, property prices, mainly in urban areas, have continued to rise by several million units. Regarding the number of new properties in stock, although the total number of properties in stock itself is on a recovery trend, the proportion of properties that are not on the secondary market for real estate is also increasing. In addition, as the post-coronavirus mood rises and restrictions on going out are lifted, the demand for better housing among people considering buying a home has fallen, and the number of reactions in the market as a whole continues to decline. Under these circumstances, companies with a large percentage of sales from new property sales brokerage will be forced to reconsider their business models as soon as possible, otherwise they will not be able to avoid a deterioration in earnings, and in the worst case, they may go bankrupt. In this seminar, we will explain the business strategy and specific
implementation items based on the successful case of a real estate company that has dramatically improved its performance centered on the acquisition of intermediaries even in the above environment. ■Results of Seminars Our company has held numerous seminars aimed at improving business performance for managers and executives of real estate trading companies. So far, more than 1,000 managers and executives have participated in the survey, and the satisfaction level according to the questionnaire answers exceeds 90%. Due to the slump in demand for housing and soaring building material prices, we are forced to change our business model from relying on brokerage for new
construction. We decided to hold a seminar. -This is a seminar recommended for those who: – Business performance has deteriorated over the past two years. The reaction unit price is soaring ・It costs more than 200,000 yen to acquire a full-time intermediation contract ・There are sales that can get a contract and sales that do not ・What will happen to the real estate industry in the future? I’m worried■ Overview of the event Holding time: 13:00-17:00 (Reception starts: 12:30-) Participation fee: 39,800 yen (excluding tax) 43,780 yen (tax included) *Limited to executives (executives) Capacity : Limited to the first 15 companies at each venue (up to 2 people per company) Application: https://zitzgen.com/seminar/2623/ Date and time: [1st Tokyo venue] June 15, 2023 (Thursday) 13 :00-17:00 (application deadline: June 14 (Wednesday)) [Second Osaka venue] June 16, 2023 (Friday) 13:00-17:00 (application deadline: June 15 ( Thursday)) [3rd Web Venue] June 19, 2023 (Monday) 13:00-17:00 (application deadline: June 16 (Friday)) Participation target: Managers and executives of real estate companies・Schedule: Tokyo Venue (June 15, 2023) Venue: Fureai Rental Conference Room Akihabara No 67 〒101-0025 Akihabara Kato Building 2F, 2-15 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (1 minute walk from JR Yamanote Line Akihabara Station) ▼ Osaka venue (June 16, 2023) Rental conference room Lami Shin-Osaka [L-site 8F] 〒532-0003 3-3-3 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Victorious Building 8F (2 minutes walk from JR Shin-Osaka Station) ) ▼ WEB venue (June 19, 2023) Online conference system “ZOOM” Details: We will inform you
separately.      https://zitzgen.com/seminar/2623/Note: The event may be canceled due to various reasons, such as when the minimum number of participants is not reached. In addition, you may not be able to attend the seminar if it is determined that you are unsuitable for the seminar. Please note. Lecturer: ZitzGen Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Daiki Yoshimoto ZitzGen Co., Ltd. Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer Ryuji Takahashi ■ Schedule [Lecture 1] Commentary on current trends Lecture 40 min. “[Second Lecture] Seller’s Customer Attraction Strategy Lecture 40 min. Theme: “What is a strategy to attract customers that does not waste sales promotion investment on the bulk assessment site?” [Third Lecture] Seller’s Sales Strategy Lecture 40 min. How to build a sales strategy that overwhelms competitors and how to pursue customers?” [Lecture 4] Product Strategy Lecture 40 min. Lecture] Buyer Sales Strategy Lecture 40 min. Theme: “What is a sales strategy that maximizes the unit price of a property in custody whose unit price is cheaper than new construction?” [6th Lecture] Summary Lecture 40 min. Corporate Philosophy Company name: ZitzGen Co., Ltd. Representative: Daiki Yoshimoto, President and CEO Location: 6F PORT ONE Kayabacho, 5-15 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0015 : January 2019 Business description: Management consulting business Capital: 70 million yen URL: https://zitzgen.com/ [Inquiries from customers regarding this seminar] ZitzGen Co., Ltd. Affiliation: Real estate sales consulting team: Hiroki Kawamura Tel: 03-6663-9906 E-Mail: info@zitzgen.com

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