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3WAY Sauna Towel Experience Report An odor-free towel that does not require a hat or mask-Experience event will be held to commemorate the publication of “Japan’s Proud Business Award 2023”

Atsumeru Limited Liability Company
[3WAY Sauna Towel Experience Report] An odor-free towel that does not require a hat or mask-Experience event will be held to commemorate the publication of “Japan’s Proud Business Award 2023”
Voices of joy from the participants, saying that they were able to experience the “Totou” sensation for the first time

My name is Shinnosuke Yokozuka, the founder of the “Kikushin Towel”, an evolutionary sauna towel that pursues “toto” – three roles in one sheet – and the representative of Atsmeru LLC. “Kikushin Towel” is an item that helps people who want to experience “Totou” but don’t like the heat, dryness, or being unable to breathe in the sauna, or who want to enjoy the sauna lightly without bringing anything with them. . There is little good news these days, and the world tends to be harsh, but if the number of people in Japan who are “totou” in saunas increases, the number of people who can sleep well, the number of people who can be kind, and the number of epoch-making ideas that contribute to society will increase. As a result, smiles increase and the thorns in the world become smoother. We are working to spread the sauna with this feeling in mind.
[Image 1:×1125.jpg] The theme of the event held at “ROOFTOP” in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo On May 27th ( Saturday) An experience event was held at the authentic Finnish sauna facility “ROOFTOP” in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo. I think that there are many people who have various stresses such as work and their positions on a daily basis. “Let’s reduce brain fatigue and regain kindness in the sauna!” ] was held with the cooperation of “ROOFTOP”.
[Image 2:×210.png] Lecture on “How to Say Right”
This event was attended by people who are new to saunas, people who have used saunas but have never had a problem, and people who are veteran saunas. First of all, I told you about the “correct way to” so that you can experience “totoi” comfortably in the sauna after this.
[Image 3:×891.png] How to install and use the evolutionary sauna towel “Kikushin Towel” Next, we will tell you how to actually use the “Kikushin Towel” to make it easier to use.
Everyone who participated received the lecture with interest.
[Image 4:×742.png] After the sauna, a round-table discussion was held between the participants and the project members.
While freely enjoying fruits, nuts, and free drinks in the facility, everyone had a fun time talking about the sauna. “I learned that if I knew the right way to enter, I could feel comfortable.” We were also happy to hear voices of joy such as “I put it on.”
[Image 5:×1030.png] At the end of the event, the participants and the project members participating on the day took a commemorative photo together.
[Image 6:×2925.jpg] “Kikushin Towel” is an idea that came up because the creator, Shinnosuke Yokozuka, hated saunas.
[Image 7:×311.png] In fact, I myself, the creator of the Kikushin Towel, have sensitive skin, and it hurts when my mouth and face dry out, and I don’t like it when it’s hot. My seniors forced me to test my guts in the sauna every time I got together, and I hated saunas both physically and mentally. But I was interested in Totou. At that time, I came across a book called “The Textbook of Sauna Taught by Doctors” (written by Yoshitaka Kato, published by Diamond Publishing), and when I put the contents into practice, I was able to experience the exhilaration of “Totou” for the first time.
One day, when I was wondering if there was something I could do about my dry skin and my face and head being hot, I came up with the idea of ​​a towel that could cover the face, head, mouth, and wash the body with a hole in the towel. . I made a prototype of a towel that can be fixed with only one ear by making a hole in the towel I have with scissors. The photo below is actually a towel with holes made with scissors at that time.
[Image 8:×340.png] By using this sauna towel with a hole in one side, even I, who used to hate saunas, was able to comfortably “toto” without my face and head getting hot, and without feeling suffocated. After meeting with Osaka Senshu Towel, which boasts a history of over 130 years,
Evolutionary sauna towel “Kikushin Towel” is born.
[Image 9:×312.png] Passing on traditional Japanese techniques and creating a system that continuously creates employment
The sewing of the Kikushin Towel is outsourced to Imacoco Terrace, a type A business that supports the continued employment of people with disabilities, which has three bases in Osaka. Each piece is carefully finished by hand. Most towels in Japan are mass-produced, but by selling high-quality products at reasonable prices, we can protect both technology and employment. This project also values ​​craftsmen who inherit traditional Japanese techniques and the creation of a system that continuously creates employment. In the future, I would like to spread Japanese tradition and good quality overseas. Thoughts and future goals of “Kikushin Towel”
[Image 10:×1500.jpg] People who have nowhere to escape from the stress of everyday life can relax and become kinder by relaxing in the sauna. Then, you will be able to get rid of brain fatigue, lead to the creation of new ideas, and make more time for your work. People who used to shy away from saunas because they don’t like the heat and dryness will now be able to experience “Totou” in comfort. People who like saunas, but can’t stand the pain in their ears, face, and décolletage from the heat waves in the sauna, will find it comfortable and enjoyable. People who want to let their family and friends experience “Totou” will be more likely to recommend saunas. Those who refrain from using the sauna due to concerns about infection will be able to resume using it with a little peace of mind. For those who are interested in sauna hats and masks but are embarrassed that they are for advanced users, or feel that sauna hats and sauna masks do not suit their style, they will be able to create a dignified and comfortable environment.
In this way, if the number of people who “totou” in the sauna increases, the number of people who can sleep well, the number of people who can be kind, and the number of epoch-making ideas that contribute to society will increase. Become.
With this thought in mind, we, the Kikushin Towel Project, will continue to work.
[Image 11:×595.jpg] About “Kikushin Towel”
Details of evolutionary sauna towel “Kikushin Towel” ■ Official Instagram
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