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ADK Holdings Co., Ltd. The ADK Group utilizes “Azure OpenAI” to start providing LLM technology as a GPT ch atbot to all employees on in-house Microsoft Teams

ADK Holdings Co., Ltd.
ADK Group utilizes “Azure OpenAI” to start providing LLM technology as a GPT chatbot to all employees on in-house Microsoft Teams

ADK Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiya Oyama; hereinafter referred to as “ADK HD”) will use Microsoft’s “Azure OpenAI Service”*1 to develop LLM (Large Scale Language Model) technology. has been provided to all ADK Group employees on Microsoft Teams as a GPT chatbot that can be used in a secure environment.
Following the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November of last year, discussions on the use of this technology in business are accelerating around the world. The Marketing Intelligence Center and ADK HD’s IT department have collaborated to launch cross-departmental projects to explore the possibility of using LLM safely and effectively. As the first result of this initiative, we have established a general-purpose environment that can address issues in the three areas of focus of the ADK Group: “customer data & insight,” “customer contact management,” and “customer experience design.” and made the tool available to all Group companies.
■ Overview
[Image:×419.png] As examples of utilization, we envision a variety of operations, such as sophistication of mass and digital planning operations in the planning section, brainstorming tools in the creative section, application to program creation in the engineering area, and further streamlining of back-office operations. increase.
In utilizing LLM, in addition to the aforementioned tools, we aim to incorporate various knowledge (explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge) that exists within the company and expand it as a unique tool that reflects the uniqueness of the ADK Group.
1. Input/output and learning to models using in-house data, including a wide range of items such as consciousness/values, consumption behavior, and media contact
2. A planning support service based on a mechanism that collects internal workflows on a large scale using the relevant tools and prompts and feeds them back.
In the future, the ADK Group will continue to work on expanding tools on various themes other than the above, and will contribute to the business results of client companies through the use of innovative technologies.
*1 Azure OpenAI Service
A managed service that allows many AI models developed and provided by OpenAI to be used in a secure environment on “Microsoft Azure” where various cloud services provided by Microsoft can be used.
-ADK Holdings Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Planning of group-wide strategies and operational policies, management and supervision of operating companies, group back-office functions, corporate communication functions such as creating a comfortable working environment, promoting sound work styles, and revitalizing internal communication. A pure holding company that provides ・ADK HD website
-ADK Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
We provide a full-funnel integrated solution for the entire marketing area. In the digital and data-driven marketing field, led by the flagship business brand “ADK CONNECT” launched in 2021, highly specialized specialists gather across the organization to create a “valuable customer experience” that contributes to the client’s business results. ” is proposed.
・ADK MS website
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