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[YouTuber Ranking] Monthly Video Views-Multi-YouTuber-~Fisher’s Silk Marriage/Commingo Okinawa Trip~-May-

This time, we will announce the top 20 monthly views ranking of multi-YouTuber videos released on multi-YouTuber channels from May 1st to May 31st. (June tally)
“Fischer’s” (5.26 million views) ranked first. The video announcing the marriage of the leader “Silk Road” to the popular creator “Yun” has attracted a lot of attention.
“Comdot” (4.44 million views / 3.2 million views) ranked in 2nd and 5th. In the popular collaboration “Commingo” with “Heisei Flamingo”, a video of traveling to Miyako Island has gained a large number of views.
“HikakinTV” (3.94 million views) includes 2 “Misokin” related videos (3rd place: 3.35 million views / 8th place: 2.71 million views), and one video of the pet cat Maruotofuko (4th place: 3.27 million views). Playback) Ranked in.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from May 1st to May 31st. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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Multi-YouTuber Views Ranking TOP10
[Image 1:×2214.png] Fischer’s (1st place)
The video that won the top spot was the video in which the leader of “Fischer’s”, “Silk Road”, announced his marriage to the popular creator “Yun”, which also won the first place in the weekly ranking announced on June 5th.
The video starts with a scene where “Silk” reports her marriage alone. Although he is shy, he shows the wedding ring on his left ring finger to the camera, and you can see a happy expression that is a little different from the face he usually shows in videos.
In the scene where all the members talk, in addition to the beginning of the two people’s acquaintance, in “Fischer’s”, the story of meeting with “Daho” who first reported the marriage, the story of writing each other’s signatures on the marriage registration as a witness, etc. He talks about many emoticon episodes. It seems that the proposal was a Youtuber-like video filled with memories and a bouquet of roses. “Silk Road”, which I have said in past videos that my favorite type is “Yun”. Congratulatory messages have been gathered from fans for the second marriage report of “Fischer’s”.
Monthly playback counts are counted on June 1st, and weekly counts are counted on June 5th, so there is an error in the number of views, but as of June 7th, it has expanded to 6.5 million views.
Comdot (2nd and 5th place)
A video of a trip to Okinawa by two groups “Commingo”, “Comdot” and “Heisei Flamingo”, ranked second.
“Commingo” trip planned by three people, “Yuma”, “Yuta”, and “RIHO”. Seven people who are looking forward to their long-awaited trip to Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture for three days and two nights, finish their shopping at the airport and head to Okinawa Prefecture. The members who arrived headed to the inn where they planned to stay. The 7 people are excited at the luxurious inn, which has a bedroom with colorful beds and a large garden where you can enjoy a barbecue. “Yuma”, “Yamato”, and “NICO” lost in the familiar drinking game confrontation of “Comdot”, and went to shopping in a friendly manner. In the second half of the video, you can see the friendly appearance of “Kommingo” enjoying dinner with alcohol, raising expectations for the sequel video.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 360,000 views to 4.44 million views.
The second part of the Commingo Miyakojima travel video, which ranked 2nd, ranked 5th.
Miyakojima trip third day. From the opening, everyone wore Orion Beer T-shirts and looked matching. Unfortunately, the weather on the second day was bad, and all the activities that had been booked and what the organizers (“Yuma”, “Yuta”, and “RIHO”) were trying to do were cut short. From the video of them playing rock-paper-scissors with a treat, you can see that they are usually good friends.
Head to the sea of ​​​​Miyakojima. Yuuma and Amugiri dive with all their might for a short time while their eyes are fascinated by the superb view. After that, everyone entered the water with hand-pushed sumo. “Yuma” who laughs without worrying about visuals, and “NICO” who is disillusioned with the appearance of “Yuma” is interesting. Arrived in Tokyo after enjoying mango ice cream in a hurry in time for the flight. Many love calls have been sent in the comment section to the long-awaited Kommingo fulfilling journey.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.95 million views to 3.2 million views.
Hikakin TV (3rd, 4th, 8th)
A video in which “Hikakin” talks about the current state of “Misokin”, which is attracting a lot of attention from the public, ranked 3rd. In the video, he expressed his gratitude to the viewers who purchased “Misokin” and the people involved in its manufacture and sale, as well as his apologies to those who were unable to purchase it due to its popularity. “Misokin” showed sales that far exceeded the number of production, which was said to be “a considerable challenge,” and sales were so high that people involved said, “The situation is seldom seen.”
Regarding the resale that many viewers have been waiting for, “Hikakin” commented, “We are still confirming the correspondence, so please let me report again.” Many viewers have praised Hikakin, who works hard to respond, such as “Thank you for reporting the current situation” and “I respect him for apologizing even though he didn’t do anything wrong.” .
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.48 million views to 3.35 million views.
The birthday video of Hikakin’s cats Maruo and Mofuko ranked 4th. Maruo and Mofuko are celebrating their 5th birthday. It is a birthday project to trim the long-haired “Mofuko” like the short-haired “Maruo” for the summer. When they visit the trimming salon “PET HILLS TOKYO” in Omotesando, the two are blessed with a balloon decoration called “Maruo Mofuko HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. “Hikakin” seems to be surprised by the unexpected event.
Not only is it shampooed, but after the whole body is carefully cared for with a cypress bath and herbal pack, the “Mofuko” cut starts. It has changed to a fluffy short hair. After that, a birthday cake surprise from the salon. A video where you can enjoy the cute appearance of the two animals.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.33 million views to 3.27 million views.
In 2nd place, the announcement video of the gift project commemorating the release of “Misokin”, which has been fully sold, ranked in 8th place.
“Hikakin” expressed its gratitude for the fact that it received a great response even before its release, and there were quite a few articles saying that it was in short supply.
In this video, in commemoration of the sale of “Misokin”, which is a hot topic, it is announced that a super luxurious gift project with a total of over 12 million yen will be held. In the comments, there were voices of congratulations from viewers who were looking forward to the sale, and voices of surprise at the scale of the gift project. In the second half of the video, you can also see him signing signatures on three of the 300 Misokin-kun stuffed animals with a magic pen. Of the 300 Misokin-kun stuffed animals that will be distributed in the gift project, there is a 1/100 chance that it will be signed, and only one of them will be signed by gold.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.61 million views to 2.71 million views.
Tokai On Air (6th, 7th, 9th)
The player who lost in UNO eats the designated food, and the one who is full is ranked 6th in the losing rice plan.
This time, the two teams of “Tetsuya” & “Shibayu”, “Ryo” & “Yumemaru” will face off. The rule is that when two members of a team come up in a confrontation with UNO, that team wins, and the losing team must eat the food corresponding to the remaining hand. In the early stages, the members innocently enjoy games and meals, but in the second half, the satiety level and UNO heat up.
The members were tormented by Shibayu’s designated Peyang Prison and Tetsuya’s designated blue cheese, and the “Tetsuya” & “Shibayu” team, which had the upper hand in luck and psychological warfare, won. Due to the number of remaining cards and the degree of satiety, the “Ryo” & “Yumemaru” team retired.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.28 million views to 3.09 million views.
A quiz showdown project video that only you can answer correctly in a quiz in your favorite genre ranked 7th.
“Magnifying Glass”, which is the first candidate for the championship, has been consecutively correct with “M League”, “Pokemon Card”, “Detective Conan”, “”, and “Sangokushi”. In the seventh theme “Bible”, “Toshimitsu” is correct for the first time and is blocked. After that, he continues to score points.
The challenge of “Toshimitsu” continues. “BLACH”, “Harry Potter”, and “UVERworld” were all correct, but “Tetsuya”, who dislikes saunas, was the only correct answer for “Sauna”. It was blocked and did not get a high score.
“Tetsuya” has a series of incorrect answers for the 6th question “Arashi”. Because you proclaim that you love me. He is holding his head and showing regret. The last challenger, “Yumemaru,” has a series of incorrect answers and failures on the first question, “Baki.” I’m making the best punch line.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 1.38 million views to 2.88 million views.
The first part of the long-time video that keeps playing with dry batteries until the battery runs out ranked 9th.
The four participants, “Tetsuya”, “Ryo”, “Shibayu”, and “Toshimitsu”, use the so-called “Dentame”, which compares the remaining battery power to entertainment, and use it for 5 to 30 minutes. Suggest a play that can be done. We had a confrontation with the rule that the person who lost the data in the turn when the battery came around to me lost. In this video, which ends with the next notice that arouses the interest of viewers, you can enjoy the appearance of the four people fighting through trial and error, struggling with the severe condition of two AA batteries and the limited remaining amount.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 230,000 views to 2.64 million views.
Hajime (10th place)
A video introducing “Misokin” sent from “Hikakin” by “Hajime Shacho” ranked 10th.
“Hajime Shacho” said that a gift suddenly arrived from “Hikakin” about two days ago. As soon as I opened it, there was an extra-large size of “Misokin”, a product of the ramen brand “HIKAKIN PREMIUM” announced by “Hikakin” the other day. While calling “Hikakin” to thank him for the gift, he asked about the oversized ramen. However, the moment “Hikakin” started talking, he hung up.
“Hajime Shacho”, which I think will be on the shelves, opened it with a worried face, saying, “Is this size enough for children to eat?” It is stuffed with “Misokin” stuffed animals and T-shirts, as well as a large amount of normal-sized “Misokin”.
The “Hajime Shacho” that I actually ate was highly evaluated for its attractiveness of “adjusting the taste of miso that everyone can enjoy” and “exquisite amount of garlic as a spice of taste”. Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 1.86 million views to 2.63 million views.
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