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Announcing two types of bathtubs designed by architects! A square type for family communication and a hammock type for enjoying alone time stress-free

Terajima Architects Inc.
Announcing two types of bathtubs designed by architects! A square type for family communication and a hammock type for enjoying alone time stress-free
Terajima Architects architect Shoji Fukasawa supervised the design from the luxury bathtub brand Artis

Terajima Architects Co., Ltd. (head office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Terajima Architects”), which designs and constructs custom-built houses in Tokyo and Kanagawa, is a luxury bathtub brand Artis (reading: Artis, company name: Artis Co., Ltd. headquarters). : Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Altis”) supervised the design of new products. We are pleased to inform you that two new bathtubs have been announced.
This product is listed in the Altis Product Catalog published in May 2023. ARW1616 A modern square design that creates communication
[Image 1:×492.jpg] A spacious bathtub perfect for bathing as a couple or as a family. As a new place of communication, relaxing bath time turns into a richer time. L1600 x D1600 x H600 (depth 480) mm Capacity: 700 liters
Price: N (Normal) ¥1,400,000 (excluding tax)
Product listing page:
■ Design concept and background
At first, I received Mr. Artis’ plan to make it a square or circle shape, and imagined a bathing situation with two adults or a child. The concept is a bathtub where you can share the view from the bathroom window, enjoy conversation, and create a rich time that can only be shared because it is a large bathtub. Considering the size that adults can sit facing each other and the design of the bathtub itself not to emphasize too much in the bathroom, we came up with a simple square design.
In a good way, there is no habit, and it is a form that you will never get tired of. We hope that everyone will enjoy the ease of use and the beauty of its functionality. (Architect of Terajima Architects, Shoji Fukasawa)
ARW1890 A hammock type where you can lie down and enjoy a stress-free moment
[Image 2:×399.jpg] The design is inspired by a hammock, such as the deep angle of the backrest and the curved armrests.
Relax your body and mind as if you were swinging in a hammock, and spend your daily bath time as if you were in a tropical resort. L1800 x D900 x H620 (depth 450) mm capacity: 375 liters
Price: N (Normal) ¥1,150,000 (excluding tax)
Product listing page:
■ Design concept, background, etc.
Unlike the square type ARW1616, this is a bathtub for one person. Modern single-person bathtubs are available in various designs from many manufacturers, so we worked hard to differentiate them from existing products. The theme is “Hammock”. The overall shape is square, but the interior of the bathtub draws an arc that follows the body, incorporating the beautiful curves that Artis is good at. We hope that you can lie down and soak in the hot water, and enjoy a rich bath time that will free your mind and body from stress. (Architect of Terajima Architects, Shoji Fukasawa)
Design Supervision Architect Shoji Fukasawa (Terajima Architects Co., Ltd.)
[Image 3:×683.jpg] CEO of Terajima Architects Co., Ltd. First-class architect Shoji Fukasawa Graduated from Tokyo University of Science. Joined Terajima Architects in 2004. As an architect, he established the representative taste of the company, such as simple modern and Japanese modern. Over 500 homes have been built to date. Aiming to create a house that combines design and living space, and a house that can be lived in with peace of mind for a long time after delivery, we value design that considers usability and flow lines, and the process of creating together with our customers.
About the bathtub brand Artis and Artis Co., Ltd.
Artis is a bathtub brand that sells, installs, and remodels stylish luxury bathtubs and custom-made bathrooms.
[Healing more freely and gorgeously]
The view that allows you to monopolize the four seasons and the open feeling of a glass-enclosed hotel.
An order system bathroom with a high degree of freedom that creates such a special space.
We propose a sophisticated and soothing bath space where you can enjoy luxury. [A discerning gem that pursues elegance and comfort]
The beautiful and transparent “pure white” shell (bathtub) made of high-grade acrylic reflects the water in a fantastically beautiful blue. In addition, in pursuit of comfort and safety when bathing, skilled craftsmen carefully create each part in Japan.
Beauty, comfort, and safety all provide a luxurious time for healing. [Elegant moment to think about the top of relaxation]
A rich lineup that gives shape to the free, gorgeous and healing bath space you envision. Please enjoy an elegant moment as you ponder the pinnacle of relaxation together with the carefully selected shell (bathtub).
About Terajima Architects Inc.

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