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arma bianca Co., Ltd. “‘Danganronpa 1.2 Reload’ online lottery” is now on sale from “Danganronpa 1.2 Reload”!

arma bianca Inc.
“‘Danganronpa 1.2 Reload’ Online Lottery” is now on sale!
“Danganronpa 1/2 Reload Online Lottery” will be on sale at “DRAW!DRAW!”.
Almabianca Co., Ltd., which sells original manga and anime goods, will start selling “‘Danganronpa 1/2 Reload’ online lottery” from today. Alma Bianca Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tomonari Sakai), which sells original manga and anime goods, will launch its online lottery service “DRAW!DRAW!-Draw!Draw!-” on June 2. “Danganronpa 1/2 Reload Online Lottery” will be on sale from Sunday (Friday).
[Image 1:×589.jpg] 【Sales period】
June 2, 2023 (Friday) to June 30, 2023 (Friday)
【Selling price】
660 yen (tax included) once
[Delivery time]
Scheduled to ship in late September
* It may vary depending on the order status and delivery status. Please note. [Lottery sales page]
[Premium lineup]
▼ Prize A canvas board (37 types in total)
[Image 2:×692.jpg] ▼ Prize B BIG acrylic stand (37 types in total)
[Image 3:×692.jpg] ▼ Prize C acrylic card (37 types in total)
[Image 4:×692.jpg] ▼ Prize D Glitter can badge (37 types in total)
[Image 5:×692.jpg] ▼Purchase bonus Bromide (35 types in total)
For every 10 purchases made in one payment, you will receive 1 random gift from 10 types!
[Image 6:×693.jpg] ※The image is an image. It may differ from the actual product. * Product sales and specifications may be changed, postponed, or canceled due to various circumstances.
For details, please check the “DRAW!DRAW! -Draw!Draw!-” sales page.

▼About “DRAW!DRAW! -Draw!Draw!-”
[Image 7:×187.png] arma bianca, the operator of AMNIBUS, offers quality online lotteries. service

[Inquiries regarding this press release]
arma bianca Inc.
Address: Kawamoto Building, 2-3-13 Yayoicho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0013 Contact form:
Person in charge: Naoki Saito

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