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BimoRa Co., Ltd. Contains a large amount of human stem cell culture fluid. Unisex cosmetic brand BimoRa’s “HSC CB Essence” will be released on June 1st!

BimoRa Co., Ltd.
Contains a large amount of human stem cell culture fluid. Unisex cosmetic brand BimoRa’s “HSC CB Essence” will be released on June 1st! A high-quality leading-edge serum that leads to a higher-grade skincare
The unisex cosmetic brand “BimoRa” (operated by BimoRa Co., Ltd. CEO: Hiroki Daifuku) has started selling the new product “HSC CB Essence” from June 1, 2023 (Thursday).
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] “HSC CB Essence”, which was launched by the unisex cosmetic brand “BimoRa” on June 1st, is a new product that is hypoallergenic yet highly moisturizing, and brings firmness and luster to the skin. is. About “HSC CB” newly released from June 1st (Thursday)
On June 1, 2023 (Thursday), the unisex cosmetic brand “BimoRa” started selling the advanced beauty essence “HSC CB essence”. The combination of human stem cell culture fluid (*1) and the adoption of liposome technology make it a high quality advanced beauty essence. It not only has a moisturizing effect, but also prepares the texture of the skin and gives it a firmness and luster. Since it uses skin-friendly ingredients, it is a product that can be tried by people with a wide range of skin types. We also offer affordable regular courses. In the case of the regular course, the list price is 7,400 yen (tax included), but you can purchase it for 2,950 yen (tax included) for the first time, and 6,660 yen (tax included) after the second time. Product Info
[Image 2:×879.jpg] 〇 Sales name: Bimora Cosmetics HSC CB 〇 Price: 7,400 yen (tax included) 〇 Capacity: 30ml 〇 Sales locations: BimoRaMALL, Amazon official shop, Rakuten official shop, Qoo10 official shop
Product features
◆Plenty of human stem cell culture solution (*1)
It contains many human-derived ingredients that are attracting attention not only in the beauty industry but also in regenerative medicine. Due to the combination of this ingredient, you can expect high moisturizing power and prevent dryness of the skin. This product is also recommended for those who are concerned about the lack of elasticity and firmness of their skin as they age.
◆Currently attracting attention “advance-type beauty essence” We recommend using this product immediately after washing your face as an advanced beauty essence. By using it before applying lotion or milky lotion, it will further increase their penetration rate. Since it penetrates deep into the skin (*2), it leads to a firm, glossy, and moist skin.
◆ Uses liposome technology
Liposome technology is a technology that allows you to deliver the desired amount of ingredients to the desired location. You can expect the effect of delivering the necessary ingredients to the necessary places, so you can aim for skin care that is a notch higher than before.
High quality with 9 carefully selected additive-free prescriptions Formulated without gluten, parabens, ethanol, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorings, preservatives, synthetic surfactants, mineral oil, and silicone. Since it is a product that suppresses skin irritation, you can consider using it for a wide range of skin types, as well as gender and age.
◆ Influencers with many followers also love it
The bimora serum series is also used by beauty influencers who have many followers on Instagram.
[Image 3:×600.jpg] Company Profile
Company name: BimoRa Co., Ltd. Location: Nagatacho GRiD 5F, 2-5-3 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093 Representative: Representative Director Hiroki Daifuku Established: October 2021 Capital: 9.9 million yen Business: Cosmetics Planning and sales Official website: Official EC: Affiliated company: Zero Accel Co., Ltd. Zero Co., Ltd. Product Co., Ltd. Building Co., Ltd. Plate Co., Ltd. https:

(*1) Human umbilical cord blood cell conditioned medium (purpose of formulation: conditioning)
(*2) up to stratum corneum
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