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boom Co., Ltd. Ten ambassadors selected for “TikTok LIVE | Right-on” will appear in LIFE STTYLE magazine Vol: 1!

boom Inc.
10 ambassadors selected in “TikTok LIVE | Right-on” appear in [LIFE STTYLE magazine Vol: 1]!
Ambassadors with various styles are featured as models in the free paper [LIFE STYLE magazine Vol: 1] published by the web media “LIFE STYLE magazine”!

boom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Riku Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as our company) is a collaboration project using TikTok LIVE held by the short movie platform “TikTok” and the fashion brand “Right-on”. We provided total support for the “Right-on Challenge” planning, operation, and advertisement production. A total of 10 TikTok LIVE creators who won awards in this audition will serve as models for your daily life! We are pleased to inform you that it will be published in the free paper [LIFE STTYLE magazine Vol: 1] issued by the web media “LIFE STYLE magazine” for women who live happily.
The ambassadors for “TikTok LIVE | Right-on” were AIKI, maichan baobao, tomomi, Ie-san, Jeru-chan, Ebi-chan, Nemu-san, and everyone’s dad who passed the final selection. There are a total of 10 people, Mr. Yumepu and Mr. Renren.
Distribution will start at light-on stores nationwide from June 12, 2023! ■ Posted advertisements
On June 12, 2023, it will be published in the free paper [LIFE STTYLE magazine Vol: 1] distributed at Right-on stores nationwide.
“LIFE STYLE magazine” WEB media: -Posting example-
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■ About “LIFE STYLE magazine”
Good for everyday life! With the theme of [LIFE STTYLE magazine Vol: 1], which is published by the web media “LIFE STYLE magazine” for women who live happily, the audition “Right” held on the short movie platform “TikTok” -on Challenge”, a total of 10 attractive
next-generation creators will wear the latest summer trend fashion recommended by Right-on and fully convey their charm.
The number of copies to be distributed is limited, so please pick them up at Right-on stores nationwide as soon as possible.
■ Click here for the TikTok account of the advertising model! (listed in alphabetical order)
maichan baobao
Mr. Ie
Mr. Wal-chan
Mr. Nemu
everyone’s daddy
Mr. Yumepu
Mr. Renren
[About Right-on]
A specialty store that sells casual wear with jeans as the core item to a wide range of customers beyond age and gender. Nationwide chain development through various store opening formats such as shopping centers, power centers, in-shops such as station buildings, urban roadside stores and roadside stores.
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:
[About TikTok]
TikTok is a short movie platform for mobile. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices in countries and regions such as Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Toronto, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.
[About boom Co., Ltd.]
Under the vision of “Change the system, change the industry, make the world better”, we aim to provide services that change the structure of the industry through the Internet and promote the transformation of the industry to make the world a better place. We provide the advertising sharing platform “boom” and the audition information distribution service “boom with”.
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[Production example]
Click here for examples of advertising production using models selected by auditions that we were in charge of planning and proceeding.
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[Video 8:] boom Inc.
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