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Buddycom introduced to all 83 Charm Care nursing homes

Science Arts Co., Ltd.
Buddycom introduced to all 83 Charm Care nursing homes
With a view to voice input to the nursing care record system by Buddycom in the future

Buddycom, a live communication platform that connects deskless workers provided by Science Arts Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shuichi Hiraoka), Charm Care Corporation (Chairman and Representative Director) President: Takahiko Shimomura) is used to share information between the office and nursing care staff at a paid nursing home operated by Buddycom.
At nursing care sites, in addition to assisting residents, a wide range of tasks such as health management, money management, and hygiene management occur. Under these circumstances, information sharing is essential for providing prompt and reliable care tailored to each customer. In many nursing care sites, communication is done by making full use of extension functions and PHS (public PHS service will end in March 2023).
[Image 1:×890.jpg] It is helpful to be able to link information with the home when visiting a hospital or while in an ambulance.
[Introduction background]
Previously, even at fee-based nursing homes operated by Charm Care Corporation, the only way to communicate within the home was through the extension function of the PHS. was happening frequently. The decisive factor for the introduction of Buddycom in August 2021 is, “You can consult immediately.You don’t have to look for staff.You don’t have to keep residents waiting.We should introduce it to other homes as soon as possible.” The positive opinions of the on-site staff during the trial of the app-type income Buddycom have been boosted, and it has been decided that it will be introduced at all 83 home bases by June 2023.
Buddycom is used for reception, bath assistance, family visits, regular meetings, remote use, etc. Since you can talk to multiple staff with a single button, the immediacy of information transmission is improved. This helps improve the working environment for staff and increases the satisfaction of residents. In addition, remote accompaniment has been realized while sharing real-time information on the progress of the resident with the home when visiting a hospital or in an ambulance. With that, the time to keep tenants waiting has been reduced to 2/3.
[Image 2:×469.jpg] Sharing information with Buddycom at Charm Suite Shinjuku Toyama Charm Care Corporation has introduced a nursing care recording system in addition to Buddycom, an income solution, and is considering voice input to the nursing care recording system by Buddycom in the future. At Science Arts, we will continue to solve communication issues at nursing care sites, and continue to cooperate with business systems for nursing care such as bed sensors and nursing care records, and will continue to promote on-site DX through Buddycom.
Case of Charm Care Corporation:
Example video:
What is Buddycom (
[Image 3:×476.jpg] Buddycom, a live communication platform that connects deskless workers, uses Internet communication networks (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi) to install apps on smartphones and tablets, allowing multiple people to communicate like walkie-talkies and radios. It is a service that enables simultaneous communication with In addition to voice, text chat, video, location information (IoT), communication with a digital assistant using AI is possible. In terms of usage results, it is used as a means of communication in various industries such as aviation, railways, construction, welfare facilities, and distribution. About Science Arts Co., Ltd.
Science Arts has a mission of “connecting the people of the world beautifully” and provides a live communication platform “Buddycom” that connects deskless workers. “Buddycom” has already been used at more than 600 customer sites, and by utilizing not only voice but also text, images, videos, location information, AI, etc., it can be used at mission-critical sites in all industries and industries. , is a horizontal x SaaS application that enables new team communication. inquiry
[Company name] Science Arts Co., Ltd.
[Location] 4-1-1 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Ozawa Building 7F [President and Representative Director] Shuichi Hiraoka
[Capital] 51.64 million yen
[Established] September 2003
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