Bushiroad Music Co., Ltd. Report on Ave Mujica 0th LIVE “Primo die in scaena”

Bushiroad Co., Ltd.
Report on Ave Mujica 0th LIVE “Primo die in scaena”
The first live performance by the new band “Ave Mujica” born from “BanG Dream!” will be held! A total of 11 songs including new songs will be unveiled for the first time with cover songs!

Bushiroad Music Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuki Nemoto)
As a performance of “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival” (sponsored by “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival” executive committee) on Sunday, June 4, 2023,
We would like to report on Ave Mujica 0th LIVE “Primo die in scaena” held at Nakano Sunplaza.
This performance is the first performance by the new band [Ave Mujica] of the “BanG Dream!” Project.
We would like to ask all members of the media to handle this information.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/14827/6804/resize/d14827-6804-b53156261cabac6c3d0e-0.jpg&s3=14827-6804-3c205ec8ab8f2d4bda0ee77fb5df38c7-1000×667.jpg] On June 4, 2023 (Sunday), Ave Mujica 0th LIVE “Primo die in scaena” will be held in Tokyo as part of the “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival” (sponsored by the “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival” executive committee). It was held at Nakano Sunplaza. “Ave Mujica” has attracted attention for its contents that intersect reality and virtuality, in which users unravel the mysteries presented through videos and SNS, in addition to the musicality of the music videos and digital singles released so far. Their first live performance, which was a mysterious existence, will not only include the five original songs that have already been released, but also cover songs such as “KINGS”, “Ankoku Tengoku”, “Fallen”, “Determination Symphony”, and “PASSIONATE ANTHEM”. Show off. After performing 10 songs with a voice drama, each member was given a “temporary name” of “Doloris”, “Mortis”, “Timorris”, “Amoris”, and “Oblivionis”, and at the end it was unveiled for the first time. The new song “Ave Mujica” was performed, and the “Masquerade” curtain came down. After the performance, as new information, the release of their first CD mini-album, the next solo performance, and the appearance of the opening act for Roselia’s solo live will be announced, and attention will be paid to future developments. ◆Performance name: Ave Mujica 0th LIVE “Primo die in scaena” ◆Date: June 4, 2023 (Sun) Open 17:30 / Start 18:30 ◆Venue: Nakano Sun Plaza ◆Performance: Ave Mujica ◆Performance details: https://bang-dream.com/events/avemujica_0th Set list M1 Kuro no Birthday M2 KINGSM3 Futatsu no Tsuki ~Deep Into The Forest~M4 Ankoku Tengoku M5 Determination SymphonyM6 Choir ‘S’ ChoirM7 Fallen Heaven M8 God, Baka M9 PASSIONATE ANTHEMM10 Mas?uerade Rhapsody Re?uestM11 Ave Mujica
Live streaming tickets are now on sale!
You can enjoy live distribution at home with Streaming+. Reception period: Until 21:59 on Sunday, June 11 Delivery period: Until 23:59 on Sunday, June 11 Ticket price: 5,500 yen (tax included) Reception URL: https://eplus.jp/avemujica_0th/st /
Ave Mujica mini album “Alea jacta est” will be released on Wednesday, September 13th!
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/14827/6804/resize/d14827-6804-28094196246d5e-1.png &3=14827-6804-bffa61987fbf81eE6A8717F7C2D2D2D2D2D2d2d
It has been decided that Ave Mujica’s first CD release, the mini album “Alea jacta est”, will be released on September 13th (Wednesday). A total of 6 songs, including the 5 songs that have been released in the MV so far, plus the new song “Ave Mujica” that was unveiled for the first time at this performance. The limited production edition with Blu-ray will include a Blu-ray of the performance. [Product
information] Ave Mujica mini album “Alea jacta est” Release date: September 13, 2023 (Wednesday) List price: Limited edition with Blu-ray: 9,900 yen (tax included) Regular edition: 2,970 yen (tax included)-Recording Contents-[CD] 1. Black Birthday 2. Futatsu no Tsuki ~Deep Into The Forest~ 3. Choir ‘S’ Choir 4. God, Baka 5. Mas?uerade Rhapsody Re?uest 6. Ave Mujica [Blu-ray] *Limited edition with Blu-ray only ・Ave Mujica 0th LIVE “Primo die in scaena” ・Music Video 1. Kuro no Birthday 2. Futatsu no Tsuki ~Deep Into The Forest~ 3. Choir ‘S’ Choir 4. Kamisama, Baka 5. Mas?uerade Rhapsody Re?uest .Mayoikondamori -Exploration-3. Kotae wo Sagashite
-Friction-4. Kiokutogensou -Past-5. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -■■–Limited benefits for the first production-・Ave Mujica live event held on Saturday, January 27, 2024 Fastest advance lottery application ticket Product details: https://bang-dream.com/discographies/3376
Ave Mujica 1st LIVE will be held!
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/14827/6804/resize/d14827-6804F1E28CB30-2.png &s3=14827-6804-9336E00607841a 7D95-1920×1081.png]
Ave Mujica’s second solo performance, “1st LIVE”, will be held at Yokosuka Arts Theater on January 27, 2024 next year. The fastest advance lottery application ticket for the ticket will be enclosed in the first production of Ave Mujica Mini Album “Alea jacta est”. Ave Mujica will appear as the opening act for Roselia’s solo live “Farbe” DAY2!
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/14827/6804/resize/d14827-6804-2655c8a54d2f02c76acd-3.png&s3=14827-6804-0e9636a6fdac72091f7190f5622eab15-1921×1081.png] Ave Mujica will be the opening act for Roselia “Farbe” DAY2 on September 17th (Sun). The opening act of MyGO!!!!! has already been decided on DAY1. ◆Performance name: Roselia “Farbe” ◆Schedule: September 16th (Sat) and 17th (Sun), 2023 ◆Venue: Ariake Arena ◆Cast: Roselia Opening act DAY1: MyGO!!!!! Day2: Ave Mujica Performance details: https://bang-dream.com/events/roselia_2023
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/14827/6804/resize/d14827-6804-e11f4f8be5830c34b162-4.jpg&s3=14827-6804-575961d63c2262925ccd66ac9a0bf754-1000×666.jpg]
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/14827/6804/resize/d14827-6804-d843fc4a6faf9d0c14f3-5.jpg&s3=14827-6804-b0620ba8a88fb90dfed2450d7801ae64-1000×666.jpg] What is “BanG Dream!”
A next-generation girl band project that links characters and live performances. We are developing a media mix such as anime, games, and real live. The voice actors of the bands “Poppin’Party”, “Roselia”, “Morfonica”, “RAISE A SUILEN”, and “MyGO!!!!!” that appear in the film actually formed a band and actively performed live performances. there is In November 2022, six years after its launch, the number of domestic users exceeded 16 million. In addition, on the 6th
anniversary of March 16, 2023, a super-large update will be
implemented, and expectations for future developments are increasing. From June 29, 2023 (Thursday), the new series of animation “BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!!” will be broadcast. ▼When introducing, please fill in the following as a copyright notation. (C) BanG Dream! ProjectPhoto Satoshi Hata

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