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CAICA DIGITAL Co., Ltd. Zaif INO 10th! NFT of the competitive online RPG game “9LivesArena” will be sold for two consecutive weeks! NFTs are issued by Oasys’ L2 chain HOME Verse!

[Zaif INO] 10th! NFT of the competitive online RPG game “9LivesArena” will be sold for two consecutive weeks! NFTs are issued by Oasys’ L2 chain HOME Verse!

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Our subsidiary Kaika Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shin Suzuki) has decided to implement INO for the blockchain game “9Lives Arena” provided by Stargazer. NFTs will be issued by HOME Verse, Oasys’ VerseLayer, and will be sold for $OAS.
Available from 18:00 on June 13th.
■ NFT sales overview
Sales platform: Zaif INO (
[Image 3:×120.jpg] Sales period:
First round: June 13, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00 to June 20, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00 (UTC + 09:00)
Second: June 20, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00 to June 27, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00 (UTC + 09:00)
Correspondence chain: HOME Verse
Sales currency: OAS
Collection name: 9Lives Arena
■ What is 9Lives Arena?
[Image 4:×600.png] “9Lives Arena” is a competitive online RPG game that utilizes blockchain technology. Research, train, and challenge your opponents in PvP battles to become the ultimate warrior. Victory in “9Lives Arena” is obtained by knowing the timing of the enemy and finding the timing that exceeds the enemy’s expectation.
The game focuses on player-to-player (PvP) and features a unique perma-death system. Even if you lose a life, it’s not a game over, but a new challenge begins. Players can save their progress so they can continue to grow. Complete freedom is given to character builds, allowing players to find a playstyle that suits them.
OOOGY is a unique virtual online/offline companion that allows players to gather resources, craft items, and more while offline. There is also a crafting and customization system for weapons and armor, allowing players to create unique gear to suit their playstyle and look.
“FISHING” is a game element that allows players to relax and enjoy fishing while feeding Ooogy. With a leaderboard of 6 fishing competitions, you can catch unexpected big fish.
In “TREASURE HUNTING”, you can use the treasure map obtained by fishing to send Ooogy on a treasure hunt and get rare items. Join us in this epic adventure and see if you have what it takes to survive and become the ultimate warrior in 9Lives Arena.
-Game Overview-
Compatible models: PC
Game genre: Competitive online RPG
Operator: Stargazer
■ About NFT to be sold at Zaif INO this time
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] Get on your own original mount and go on a thrilling adventure. A limited number of mounts are randomly rolled to ensure a one-of-a-kind look. Not only appearance, but also various stats such as stamina and speed.
Stats such as stamina and speed allow you to travel faster and for longer periods of time. Randomly generated stat points determine its performance.
Green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, orange is legendary, and you can tell the rarity by the background color.
[Image 6:×275.png] Here’s an example of a random roll mount. Each one has a unique look. It’s like a Kinder Surprise Egg, you never know which one you’ll get!
OOOGY lucky charm
[Image 7:×1000.png] Increase your chances of getting exclusive NFT drops with Ooogy Lucky Charms. Sold exclusively, this accessory is worn by Ooogy and gives a bonus to NFT drop chances in Treasure Hunts on Epic Maps. Discover the map with fishing and treasure hunts and embark on an adventurous journey.
[Image 8:×1000.png] Charm colors represent potency and are rolled randomly. The higher the drop probability, the higher the rarity value of the lucky charm. Experience the extraordinary with the four color charms of green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic), and orange (legendary).
■ What is HOME Verse?
[Image 9:×628.png] HOME Verse is a Verse certified by Oasys, a game-specific blockchain developed and operated by double Users can play a wide range of genres of blockchain games at high speed and free of gas charges. It is characterized by being concept-free, and can handle everything from major game operators to indie game developers. Twitter:
■ double Co., Ltd.
Established on April 3, 2018 as a specialized development company for NFT and blockchain games. Development of blockchain games such as “My Crypto Heroes,” “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES,” and “My Crypto Saga,” and NFT business support service “NFTPLUS” that supports the issuance and sales of NFTs, games, and metaverse linkages for major content holders. Offer. We provide and develop NFT management service “N Suite” for businesses that allows multiple people to manage private keys.
[Image 10:×276.png] Company name: double Co., Ltd.
Location: 4-34-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Hironobu Ueno, Akira Satisfaction Business description: Development, operation and sale of games and assets using blockchain technology
[Overview of Zaif INO]
Zaif INO is planning to collaborate with various Web3 companies. We will announce the game development companies that will exhibit NFTs as soon as they are decided.
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[Service page]
[Sales page]
We are always looking for projects and companies that want to sell NFT. If you are interested, please contact
For inquiries about sales, click here
■Zaif INO Official Twitter:
■ “CAICA Web3 For Biz” service site “CAICA Web3 For Biz” corporate customer contact
-Inquiries from the press regarding this matter-

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