Capcom Co., Ltd. Delivery decision on June 8! In the bonus update (Ver.16) of “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, “Mel Xena, who engraves the primordial” appears!

Capcom Co., Ltd.
Delivery decision on June 8! In the bonus update (Ver.16) of “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, “Mel Xena, who engraves the primordial” appears!

[Image 1:×1080.jpg] The bonus update (Ver.16) scheduled to be distributed on the popular “Monster Hunter Rise” super-large expansion content “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” (Nintendo Switch (TM) / Steam (R)) will be released on June 8 (Thursday). ) to be delivered. Introducing the contents of the bonus update that you are interested in, such as the last additional monster information!
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[Image 3:×1080.jpg] “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” bonus update introduction video
[Video 3:] *The introduction video is for the Nintendo Switch version. For more information about the bonus update, please check the official website.
“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” Bonus Update (Ver.16) Latest Information [Additional Monster] Mel Zena Engraving Primordial
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] The original form of Mel Zena before being invaded by Curia. Normally, it skillfully manipulates its wings and tail and behaves like a knight, but when Curia begins to erode its body, it completely changes and uses them to hunt down its prey. Also, when Curia’s erosion reaches its limit, Mel Zena becomes bloodthirsty and wields
overwhelming power. Perhaps because its body is eroded by explosive energy, it sometimes shows gestures as if it is resisting that power.
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[Image 6:×1080.jpg] Please play and enjoy new actions and ecology. – New weapons and armor produced with the material of Mel Zena, which carves the primordial
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[Image 8:×1080.jpg] Quests for “Mel Zena Engraving the Origin” can be accepted with MR 10 or higher. Please look forward to new weapons, armor, and new skills that can be produced from the materials obtained by defeating them. -Strengthen slots, a new element that joins armor’s puppet
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[Enhancement of puppets/slot-specialized type] A method of enhancement in which one of the skills or defensive performance of the armor tends to decrease, but the slots are always enhanced. Added new decorations
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New decorations will be added to the processing shop by clearing specific quests and advancing the game. Added new event quests with special rewards
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After the bonus update, new event quests are scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, July 27, 2023. A highly difficult and rewarding event quest with various clear rewards, including additional layered equipment, has appeared. Let’s challenge by all means when it is delivered. Check the official website for event quest information that is being distributed! Downloadable content that colors the hunting life is now on sale Ver.15 title update, all lineups have been released, but bonus After the update distribution, we have prepared a great DLC pack with various themes. * The DLC pack released after the bonus update is a collection of downloadable content that has been released in the past by theme. Please check the contents and be careful not to make duplicate purchases. Please check the official website for information on how to purchase each download content. The program “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Special Program Final” where you can enjoy bonus update information and developer talk corners of “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” “Please see here.
[Video 4:] “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, which can be played on Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Windows / PlayStation (R) 5 / PlayStation (R) 4, is also on sale!
Currently, you can enjoy the contents up to Ver.13, but a title update that combines Ver. ) will be delivered to Please wait! What is “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”? “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” is a super-large expansion content that expands the world of “Monster Hunter Rise” and allows you to enjoy it more deeply. Centering on the observation base “Elgado” that investigates the abnormalities of monsters, new monsters called “Three Kings of the Kingdom”, subspecies monsters, and resurrected monsters from the series appear one after another. Monsters that appeared in “Monster Hunter Rise” can enjoy a different hunting with additional actions and balance adjustments in master rank quests. A new iron bug technique that further expands the uniqueness of the hunter’s weapon has been added to all 14 weapon types. In addition, it is possible to assemble your own actions by utilizing the new element “Swift Switch” that allows you to change the switching technique set during the hunt and “Sakigake”. Experience various hunting actions that have evolved with Sunbreak. Go to new hunting grounds.
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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Now on sale [Thursday, June 30, 2022] Platform: Nintendo Switch / Steam Genre: Hunting Action Number of players: 1 (up to 4 when playing online) CERO rating: C (15) Ages and older) To play, the main story of “Monster Hunter Rise” is required. Hunter Rise: Sunbreak now on sale [Friday, April 28, 2023] Platforms: Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / Windows / PlayStation (R) ) 5 / PlayStation (R) 4 Genre: Hunting Action Number of players: 1 (up to 4 during
communication play) CERO rating: C (15 years old and over) “Monster Hunter Rise” is required to play . *The screen shot is under development. (C) CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Details about this release:
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