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Cinciage, which develops the web marketing business, opens the “Entrepreneurship training course-WEB marketing -” class at Komazawa University

Shinsiage Co., Ltd.
Cinciage, which develops the web marketing business, opens the “Entrepreneurship training course-WEB marketing-” class at Komazawa University

Shinciage Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Kukita), which develops the web marketing business, has announced that “WEB Take a course in Marketing. In this course, the students will learn how to make plans for web marketing, and in December at the end of this year, they plan to use the knowledge they have learned to implement their own plans. Kukita, the representative of Shinsiage, will be in charge of the class.
In addition to the web marketing business, Shinciage Co., Ltd. operates the experience-based online school “Kodo Hapi” and the food welfare service “Dokodemo Shashoku”, and has 10,000 media members. We use this “number of members” and “contents of the service we operate” to develop unique web marketing.
▼ Background of developing educational content in collaboration with Komazawa University Faculty of Economics
Since last year, Mr. Kukita, the representative of Cinciage, has been in charge of a project-based learning (PBL) class as a lecturer of the newly opened “Entrepreneurship Training Course” at the Faculty of Economics, Komazawa University. , 160 students from the 2nd to 4th year of the Faculty of Economics.
This is due to the achievements of Synciage’s web marketing business and the achievements of operating educational content for children. Using Kodohapi (” as the theme, students themselves planned and drafted educational content. There are about 160 students, divided into 5-8 teams (25 teams).
We planned and produced materials, and on the last day of the course, each team made a presentation, and the educational content of the excellent team was actually provided to customers.
[Image 1:×870.png] ▼ This year’s lecture content is “WEB marketing”
We will give lectures on “Web marketing planning methods” to students on the topic of “WEB marketing business (”, which is one of the businesses of Sinsiarge.
The number of students will be about 100, divided into 1 team of 6 people (15 teams), and the students will conduct research, information scrutiny, discussion, material production, presentation, and acquire know-how of “WEB marketing”. .
One of Shinciage’s businesses, the “Web Marketing Business,” has led to the success of web promotions for various companies by leveraging its own media management know-how with over 10,000 parent-child members.
In addition, these unique achievements of Cinciage were also broadcast on TV and featured in the TBS program “Furusato no Mirai” broadcast in March this year.
◆ Overview of Komazawa University
■ President: Yoko Kagami
■ HP:
Location: 1-23-1 Komazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
◆ Shinsiage Co., Ltd. Company Profile
■ CEO: Takashi Kukita
Business content: Web marketing business, operation of hands-on online school “Kodo Hapi” where children can realize their own talents, operation of welfare service “anywhere company cafeteria”
■ HP:
■ Location: Shibuya Scramble Square 39F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ■ Inquiries:
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