COMMONS Co., Ltd. OUCHI project, comprehensive support for applications for subsidies for digital securities (security tokens) issuance support business.

OUCHI project, collective support for applications for subsidies to support the issuance of digital securities (security tokens). Free application consultation and platform development support.
“OUCHI DAO” COMMONS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Junshin Kawasaki, COO Hisoka Kada), which has a vision of a DAO (decentralized independent organization) that “increases the number of people with good feelings” using blockchain technology, From June 7, 2023 (Wednesday), we will start providing free consultations, consulting as experts, and support for platform development in response to the digital securities (security token) issuance support business subsidy.
Blockchain technology has been attracting attention in recent years, and various use cases have emerged in the financial field. Among them, digital securities (security tokens) issued using blockchain can be issued in small amounts compared to conventional securities such as stocks and bonds, allowing issuers and investors to directly connect, and immediate Payment is easy. In the future, it is expected to have further effects such as promoting investment by individuals and contributing to the diversification of funding for startups. (1) Purpose of assistance
The purpose is to support the formation of a sound market and the creation of use cases for security tokens, contribute to increasing the appeal of Tokyo as an international financial market, and make society feel better.
(2) Troubleshooting
By using our services, you can solve the following problems for everyone in your company.
I do not understand the requirements for the grant guidelines because they are complicated
I have an idea but don’t know how to start developing it
Lack of resources for platform development and subsidy application I would like to enter but would like to hear from experts about competitors and the market
I want to develop it, but it costs money

(3) Service content
Our blockchain engineers, who have provided advice and platform development for many companies including major companies, will support you.
Application support for digital securities (security token) issuance support business subsidies
Advisory services by experts
Platform development
(4) Reception start date: June 7, 2023 (Wednesday) ~
(5) Guidelines for issuing subsidies for supporting the issuance of digital securities [Inquiries regarding this matter]
Person in charge: Kada

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