Corporate name changed to “Kanto Wide Area Tourism Organization”

General Incorporated Association Kanto Tourism Wide Area Cooperation Business Promotion Council
Corporate name changed to “Kanto Wide Area Tourism Organization” Further strengthen collaboration between Tokyo and 10 prefectures to meet rapidly expanding inbound demand for visitors to Japan

Today, the General Incorporated Association “Kanto Tourism Wide Area Cooperation Business Promotion Council” held the 6th regular general meeting of employees at the prefectural hall (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), and after approval of the amendment to the articles of incorporation, the general incorporated association “Kanto The corporate name has been changed to Wide Area Tourism Organization (Representative Director: Hiromi Tagawa). The aim is to expand the business area and further strengthen cooperation with Tokyo and 10 prefectures.
The features of this organization are the following three points. 1. Specializing in attracting inbound tourists. (We do not attract domestic visitors to Japan.)
2. The business area is Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Niigata, Yamanashi and Nagano.
3. Area strengths
(1) Using the two major airports of Narita and Haneda as gateways, we will utilize the highly developed transportation network starting from Tokyo.
(2) Make effective use of Tokyo’s name recognition and various tourism infrastructure such as nature, culture, history, and industry. (3) Contribute to maximizing the economic ripple effect of the abundant tourism resources in the area.
At the opinion exchange meeting after the general meeting, the person in charge of 10 prefectures brought together local specialties and actively discussed how to increase the number of inbound tourists. The regional specialties brought by each prefecture are as follows. Tochigi Prefecture: Nikko Jingoro Senbei (Ishidaya)
Saitama Prefecture: Soka Senbei and Sayama Tea
Chiba Prefecture: Boiled peanuts
Tokyo: Cookie Assortment (Yokumoku)
Kanagawa Prefecture: Hama Rose (Japanese and Western Sweets Usagiya) Niigata Prefecture: Ganso Kaki no Tane (Naniwaya Confectionery) Yamanashi Prefecture: Shingen Mochi
Nagano Prefecture: Sweets [Ringo Maiden]
Fukushima Prefecture: None due to circumstances
Ibaraki Prefecture: None due to circumstances
Gunma Prefecture: None due to circumstances
[Image:×2925.jpg] The new system starts with a guts pose!
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Kanto Wide Area Tourism Organization
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