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Daytona Co., Ltd. Birth of a 2-room tent for bi-can! NeGla MAEHIRO Dome sales start

Daytona Co., Ltd.
Birth of a 2-room tent for bi-can! NeGla MAEHIRO Dome sales start General sale of products sold out at Makuake

Daytona Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture) is a motorcycle aftermarket parts manufacturer that aims to become the world’s most popular brand by leveraging its unique planning and development capabilities to provide products and services that meet the needs of motorcycle riders around the world. Morimachi Ichinomiya 4805 Representative Director Tetsuji Oda) will start general sales of the “neGla MAEHIRO Dome” (hereinafter referred to as “Maehiro Dome”), which was sold out in five days at Makuake.
Finally on sale! A touring tent with a spacious vestibule
[Image 1:×650.jpg] From the rider’s point of view, the tent was too big and heavy, and too small to sleep in, so there weren’t many light and comfortable tents when camping on a motorcycle. With this background in mind, the concept is “everything is just right”, and the sleeping space does not feel cramped. It is a standard tent that features a spacious space, such as securing sufficient capacity. I wanted to do it, and the “MAEHIRO Dome” (hereinafter referred to as “Maehiro Dome”) was born. The person in charge of development talks about the thoughts put into the “Maehiro Dome”, which has been particular about the details such as lightness, size, material, and usability. Please take a look at the URL below.
Development article link
Participating in earnest? To the outdoor industry!
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] Daytona, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022, has delivered the fun and comfort of riding through the development of various motorcycle accessories. In the process, we launched the outdoor brand “DAYTONA OUTDOOR SUPPLY” for riders in 2018 and released camping equipment. As one of the items handled by the touring group, we have taken a step forward to convey the fun of camping to riders. In April 2023, it will be rebranded as “DAYTONA OUTDOORS” and will be reborn as a more authentic outdoor brand than ever before, and will continue to develop and sell products that can be used not only by riders but also by those who enjoy the outdoors. I will continue.
The group leader talks about his thoughts. Please visit the URL below.
■Usage image/product image
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