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Dementia/Forgetfulness Snuggle up and be positive together

SHANRI Co., Ltd.
[Dementia/Forgetfulness] Snuggle up and be positive together Expand the circle of communication with “Symptom Word Chat”

SHANRI Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kori Sakai) utilizes “symptom word chat” dementia / forgetfulness (version) to support patients and their families who support patients who cannot communicate well. has started.
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“Symptom Word Chat” Dementia/Forgetfulness (Edition)
Basic information “Symptom Word Chat” is a chat (conversation) while gently listening to the patient’s lifestyle and values ​​that are difficult to grasp only by communication during the examination. It is a service that can be effectively used by both patients and medical professionals by proceeding and finally outputting in medical format. [Forgetfulness consultation]
■ How to use
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[Image 3:×518.png] ■Function
・Chat function (can be customized according to disease and purpose) ・Voice function when responding to chat (Voice specialized for medical and health care can be used) ・Valuable symptom word selection function ・Output function in medical record format (transferable to specified email) ■ Communication support
[Image 4:×880.png] About introduction (under free campaign)
We will provide symptom word chat dementia/forgetfulness (version) free of charge to organizations that wish to use it, such as administrative consultation counters, regional comprehensive support centers, and dementia cafes. We are looking for a way to contribute as a company that is “close to each other and positive together”, so please do not hesitate to contact us below. Issues surrounding forgetfulness and dementia
Dementia is a brain disease that can affect anyone. It is estimated that the number of people with dementia in 2025 will reach
approximately 6.75 million (about 1 in 5.4 people)*1. In the medical field, there are new trends in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, from tests to determine whether people are susceptible to dementia, to the development of tools to support cognitive function, and even to the approval of drugs that can be expected to slow the progression of dementia. is. On the other hand, people who have begun to worry about forgetfulness symptoms, patients with dementia, and their families (supporters) who support them may experience loneliness due to a lack of social understanding of such symptoms and a lack of social infrastructure to open their hearts. I am in a comfortable position to hold. And for medical professionals, the issues in their lives associated with such diseases often involve sensitive areas
surrounding patients, so collaborative communication is extremely important in order to reduce the essential burden. It can be said that the difficulty is high. SHANRI Co., Ltd. supports communication between local primary care doctors and dementia support doctors*2, who are in charge of central command, and patients and their families through “symptom word chat” dementia/forgetfulness (version). Contribute to:
[Image 5:×793.png] *1 “Study on Future Estimates of the Elderly Population with Dementia in Japan” (FY2014 Health Labor Sciences Research Grants Special Research Project, Professor Ninomiya, Kyushu University)
*2 Physicians who are proficient in dementia examinations, provide advice and other support to primary care physicians, etc., and play a role in promoting collaboration with specialized medical institutions and regional comprehensive support centers, etc.
SHANRI Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Video 2:] Company name: SHANRI Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Kori Sakai Location: 1-22-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Business
description: Medical word database business using “Voice x Word AI” / For general users Symptom word search service “Everyone’s symptom words”:
・”Symptom Word Chat” using the same technology
・”Medical Memo”, a voice recording DX service specializing in the medical and healthcare fields
Personal application:
Customized version for companies: HP: Video:
If you are interested in our business (individuals, medical
professionals, companies and investors), please do not hesitate to contact us.
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