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DINOS CORPORATION Co., Ltd. Special program “Hiromi’s Gathering! Amazing Charisma Buyers Vol. 12” will go on air tomorrow

Special program “Hiromi’s Gathering! Amazing Charisma Buyers Vol. 12” will be OA tomorrow
A charismatic buyer introduces 4 items that Dinos recommends this summer
DINOS CORPORATION Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo) has produced a special program “Hiromi’s Gathering! Amazing Charismatic Buyers Vol. 12” ( It will be broadcast on Fuji TV from 2:30 pm on Saturday, July 1st.
[Image 1:×600.jpg] This program, which will be aired tomorrow, is the 12th installment of the popular “Hiromi’s Gathering! Amazing Charisma Buyers” series. Charismatic buyers will introduce mega-hit products that Dinos recommends with confidence for the summer. The price is also attractive, and it is a great deal that makes you want to buy it right now. Please stay tuned!
[Introducing some of the products introduced in the program! ] Renewal of mega-hit “Stone Barrier Knife” with impressive sharpness
[Image 2:×681.jpg] The “Stone Barrier Knife” has evolved further to cut both hard and soft ingredients. It is a special set with a dedicated sharpener. New Stone Barrier Knife & Dedicated Sharpener
[Free shipping campaign until 8/21 (Monday)]
Manufacturer direct sales price 13,200 yen (tax included) + special sharpener 1,980 yen (tax included)
Manufacturer direct sales price Single item total 15,180 yen → 9,900 yen (tax included) Free shipping
Product URL:
[New Stone Barrier Knife]
●Size: total length approx. 32cm, blade length approx. 18cm, blade width 4cm, handle thickness 1.6cm ●Weight: approx. ) Made in Japan [Sharpener]
●Size: Width 5.3 x Depth 9.8×H 4.8cm, Weight 68g ●Materials: Body… ABS resin, elastomer resin, stainless steel Whetstone (coarse sharpening)… Tungsten steel Whetstone (finish)… Ceramic ●Made in China ●Manufacturer: Kyowa Industry

A topical brush-type facial device that can aim for tightening care from the muscles of the head and face with a single unit
[Image 3:×1000.jpg] A popular series with a unique low-frequency EMS that gives you a refreshing feeling just once. You can take care of your scalp, face, neck, and décolleté all at once, giving you a clean impression. myse Scalp Lift Active Plus
[Campaign price until 8/21 (Monday)]
Regular price ¥59,400 → ¥39,800 (tax included)
Product URL:

●Set contents/accessories: Main unit, scalp attachment, face attachment, charging stand (with USB cable: length 1m), AC adapter, instruction manual ●Size: Approx. width 5.4 x depth 18 x height 5.6cm * When attached to the scalp attachment Weight: Main unit/approx. 123g, scalp attachment/approx. 44g, face attachment/approx.
Attachment: ABS resin, stainless steel, silicone ●Can be used for about 30 minutes after charging for about 3 hours ●Drip-proof specification (equivalent to IPX5) *Charging stand and AC adapter are not drip-proof specifications ●Made in China

It cools, removes moisture from the futon, and deodorizes. A cool, comfortable and comfortable bedding set

[Image 4:×229.jpg] It’s hot and it’s hard to sleep, but I don’t like the cold air from the air conditioner… I’m worried about the electricity bill too. For such people, this is a set of “bed pad” and “cooling blanket”. Now that you are concerned about your electricity bill, we recommend using it together with an air conditioner.
Cold feeling bedding cold mesh (cover/bed set)
[Campaign price until 8/21 (Monday)]
Single regular price 11,980 yen → 8,980 yen (tax included)
An additional 1,000 yen off when you purchase 2 or more sets, 7,980 yen per set (tax included)
Product URL:
*Semi-double, double, and queen sizes are also available.
●Color = blue, light gray ●Set contents/size Single: Cool blanket: 140×190cm/1.2kg Bed pad: 100×205cm/1.8kg Semi-double Cool blanket: 160×190cm/1.37kg Bed pad: 120×205cm・2.16kg, Double…Cool blanket: 180×190cm/1.54kg Bed pad: 140×205cm/2.52kg Queen…Cool blanket: 200×190cm/1.71kg Bed pad: 160×205cm/2.88kg Material/Cool blanket Collar/Skin: Nylon 45/Polyester 40/Composite fiber (nylon/polyester) 15%, Outer material: 100% polyester (honeycomb mesh)/Floor pad…Outer material: Nylon 45/Polyester 40%/Composite fiber ( Nylon/polyester) 15%, Lining: 100% polyester (honeycomb mesh), Filling material: non-woven fabric with silica gel ●The pad has 4 rubber corners ●Machine washable (*using a net) ●Made in China

July 30th is Midsummer Day of the Ox. 3 pieces of extra-large 3-liter size* grilled thick, plump and tender eel kabayaki
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] You know the production area of ​​eel, Aichi, Mikawa. The natural water of the Yahagi River is drawn into a farming pond covered with mountain soil, and the eels are carefully raised in an environment that is as close to nature as possible. It has a deep flavor that has been marinated four times in a rich Aichi tamari soy sauce-based sauce. *This is an extra-large 3L size eel. *Manufacturer standards. Aichi Mikawa special eel 3 fish set
[Campaign price until 7/9 (Sun)]
Regular price 11,980 yen → 9,980 yen (tax included)
Product URL: [Regular delivery] 《Delivery before Midsummer
Delivery of “the day before the ox” is limited to orders until 7/9 (Sun). ●Contents: Headless eel kabayaki approx. 190g or more x 3 pieces, sauce and Japanese pepper x 6 bags each ●Ingredients: Please refer to the link “Click here for details of ingredients, etc.” from the product URL. ●Expiration date: Frozen after January 31, 2024 ●Manufacturing: Japan ●Delivery: July 21st to 29th. *Customers living in Okinawa Prefecture and islands may take longer to deliver due to delivery reasons.
[Program overview]
◇ Program name / “Hiromi’s Gathering! Amazing Charismatic Buyers 12th” ◇Broadcast date and time/Broadcast on Fuji TV (scheduled to be broadcast on Fuji TV and others)
Main broadcast: Saturday, July 1, 14:30-15:25
Rebroadcast: Wednesday, July 5, 26:55-27:50
Re-broadcast: Friday, July 14, 27:55-28:50
◇ MC: Hiromi, performers: Mihoko Abukawa (Hokuyo), Yukari Oshima, Maki Kubota, announcer: Mizuki Sano
* Performers are in Japanese syllabary order, titles omitted. Broadcast dates and contents are subject to change.
-Inquiries from customers-
Dinos Heart Call Center 0120-343-774 (9:00 to 19:00, smartphones and mobile phones available)

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