Disclosed professional team transfer information and announced the participation of a new team for the holding of Japan’s largest league “Fifth Personality IJL” of “Identity V Fifth Personality”

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Disclosed professional team transfer information and announced the participation of a new team for the holding of Japan’s largest league “Fifth Personality IJL” of “Identity V Fifth Personality”

Japan’s largest league “2023 Fifth Personality Summer IJL” in “Identity V Fifth Personality” developed and operated by NetEase Games will be held on June 10th. Along with the holding of this event, we announced the transfer information of professional team players and the participation of new teams at the “reception” distributed on June 2nd.
5th Personality IJL Pro League 2nd year, first large-scale transfer period On June 2nd, the Fifth Personality IJL Pro League announced the transfer information for this season’s league and all seven
professional teams in the league.
New members of ZETA DIVISION: ZETA_MiraiK (former SZ_MiraiK), ZETA_Hametu AXIZ WAVE new members: AXIZ_Dming (formally joined), AXIZ_Ryz (former CG_nana), AXIZ_Takoyaki (former FL_Takoyaki)
SCARZ new members: SZ_Burio (former Dawn_Burio), SZ_Latty (former ZETA_Latty) New FENNEL members: FL_Kit (former ZETA_Sasori), FL_Kat
New member of REJECT: RC_Raolie (former FL_Raori)
Both Crest Gaming and Team Dawn have announced that they have disbanded.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-5f42ee847ca5ca68d6c7-0.jpg&s3=71247-251-e91dc4f6ed6a60501a511c6a4a232a72-1200×675.jpg]
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-a6982674a2339a90959f-0.jpg&s3=71247-251-b4eb9c72d7c0b6a46c7429912d90f34a-1200×675.jpg]
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-79de62f63e189bf9aee2-0.jpg&s3=71247-251-f0d25b09e62c9b21e0c546918673dab7-1200×675.jpg]
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-5b6d92a50a1871eba21d-0.jpg&s3=71247-251-37e5ab47b3d28b55ef96911f3e5ea00b-1200×675.jpg]
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-151718936123b37c9754-0.jpg&s3=71247-251-1961ed7142773a37c8b4b75b989c75dd-1200×675.jpg] Arneb with WoG, FAV gaming new entry, starting this season
Arneb with WoG (abbreviation AWG) is a professional team operated by LeGAME Co., Ltd. Amateur team WoG members who were active in the 5th Personality IVC have signed with AWG and will challenge the IJL Pro League this season.
Arneb with WoG members: AWG_yunomaru, AWG_Scorpion, AWG_yukakina, AWG_Metal, AWG_banban, AWG_Liz, AWG_Kaeru
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-e4e162925b7d23249315-0.jpg&s3=71247-251-485d42469ff434a81f2e33c474133327-1200×675.jpg]
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-7e02ec6c62e9b575c7ea-7.png&s3=71247-251-a08495ff42f7bbe4cc8b425c3afa9f0c-182×194.png] FAV gaming is a gaming team produced by KADOKAWA Game Linkage. In August 2021, he participated in the fifth personality IVC, but in December of the same year, he was dissolved due to the expiration of the contract. FAV gaming again participated in the IJL league this season and announced contracts with players from both the JW and AG teams who participated in last year’s IVT (Fifth Personality Official Amateur Tournament).
FAV gaming members: FAV_Felix, FAV_Appai, FAV_Nerisu, FAV_Dacho FAV_Kruger, FAV_Chikin, FAV_Ze1u
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-9a9495bfc5aae3324187-0.jpg&s3=71247-251-069e0df2fde48f18e8a3bebc4d8d0eed-1200×675.jpg]
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/71247/251/resize/d71247-251-0a805fb9e72c066be341-8.png&s3=71247-251-fb5461633a4402c188568950624b47ad-222×50.png] About fifth personality IJL
The “Identity V Japan League” is the highest level fifth personality official tournament in the Japanese region where professional teams gather. Seven top-level professional teams from AXIZ WAVE, Arneb with WoG, FAV gaming, FENNEL, REJECT, SCARZ, and ZETA DIVISION are participating. The “Identity V Japan League” is held twice a year, and the total number of impressions in 2022 exceeds 1 billion.
Fifth Personality Official SNS
Fifth personality e-sports office Twitter
https://twitter.com/IdentityVChamp Fifth personality official Twitter https://twitter.com/IdentityVJP Fifth personality e-sports office TikTok https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSdVJxGt1/
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