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Face Co., Ltd. “Bando Tamasaburo PRESENTS PREMIUM SHOW” will be held at Minami Aoyama BAROOM.

Faith Co., Ltd.
“Bando Tamasaburo PRESENTS PREMIUM SHOW” will be held at Minami Aoyama BAROOM.
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[Image 2:×408.jpg] “Bando Tamasaburo PRESENTS PREMIUM SHOW”, sponsored by Faith Co., Ltd., a living national treasure and a female kabuki actor
representing Japan, will be held at Minami Aoyama BAROOM from September 2nd (Sat) to 24th (Sun). ) has been decided to be held for three weeks. Tickets for the performance will be accepted from 18:00 on June 5th. This performance is a new type of performance that has never existed before, filled with the “feelings” of the artist, Tamasaburo Bando, who wants people of all ages to enjoy it, whether they know kabuki or not. is.
In the first week (September 2nd to 10th), we will have a speech and costume commentary. Wearing a valuable costume owned by the person himself, he will show it with commentary. The costumes that will be shown at this performance will be exhibited overseas after this. It will be a very valuable opportunity that will be the last look for a while in Japan.
Special concerts will be held during the second and third weeks (September 12-24). Tamasaburo, who has performed his singing voice many times in the past and has been actively working as a singer, releasing an album in 2017, will directly convey the song he wants to convey with a simple stage set. This year, starting from Yatsugatake (Nagano), we will hold concerts at Misonoza (Aichi) and Minamiza (Kyoto), and this will be the only concert held in Tokyo.
At the production announcement press conference held today, Tamasaburo Bando said, “This will be the first performance in a small theater in 35 years. The audience will be able to see it up close and improvise in the atmosphere of the place. I think that’s a good point. We’re also selecting songs like Bossa Nova that can be sung quietly in a small theater, so please look forward to it.”
The venue is BAROOM, a music hall and bar that opened in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo last May. The mortar-shaped circular hall is a theater with a limit of 100 seats where the distance between the performers and the audience is so close that you can feel the breathing. We will deliver.
-Comment from Tamasaburo Bando-
Hello everyone. My name is Tamasaburo Bando. We will hold “Bando Tamasaburo PRESENTS PREMIUM SHOW” at Minami Aoyama BAROOM. We are looking forward to sharing a very close space with our customers in a small theater with only 100 seats. I’m a little nervous because it’s a small theater, but I’m thinking about what kind of events I can do in the future, based on my experience of performing in theaters with a small number of audience. I will do my best. We hope that you will be able to visit us.
[Performance overview]
■ Name of the performance Bando Tamasaburo Presents Premium Show ■ Date: September 2nd (Sat) to September 24th (Sun), 2023
[Image 3:×240.jpg] ■ Venue: song & supper BAROOM
Face Minami Aoyama 1F, 6-10-12 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
■ Appearance: Bando Tamasaburo
■ Ticket (all seats reserved)
・ Speech & costume commentary: 9,000 yen | U25…5,000 yen
・Special concert: 11,000 yen | U25…No specification
▼Play Guide: Ticket Pia▼ [Fastest advance (lottery) acceptance period] June 5 (Mon) 18:00 to June 11 (Sun) 23:59
[Secondary advance (lottery) acceptance period] June 17 (Sat) 11:00 to June 25 (Sun) 23:59
[Scheduled to start general sales] Monday, July 10
Organizer: Faith Co., Ltd.
Production cooperation: Amuse Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Shochiku Co., Ltd.
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