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Fores Life Co., Ltd. Smart City Project Started offering a lifestyle improvement program for citizens of Arao, Kumamoto Prefecture after the Fores Visuals test

Fourness Life Co., Ltd.
[Smart City Project] Started offering a lifestyle improvement program for citizens of Arao, Kumamoto Prefecture after the Fourness Visuals test
– Promoting healthy community development to curb increases in social security costs due to aging population –

                                           NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture (hereafter, Arao City), Fourness Life Corporation (hereafter, Fourness Life), and NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. (hereafter, NEC Solution Innovators) aim to realize a society where people can live healthy and long lives. We are promoting the “Smart City Project” utilizing AI and biotechnology in collaboration with the public and private sectors. As part of this, we are promoting the FonesVisuas test, a testing service (Note 1) of FornesLife that predicts the probability of developing future diseases based on current blood, to 61 Arao citizens, mainly those in their 40s and 70s. provided through Arao Municipal Hospital (Note 2). For these 61 people, we will provide a lifestyle improvement program based on the results of the Fornes Visuals test, and follow-up such as regular confirmation of the implementation status by LINE or telephone for the continuation of the program. It will start more and support behavioral changes aimed at improving health.
[Image 1:×1013.png]                 -Details of the “Fourness Visuals” test-
[Image 2:×2759.jpg]           -Image of test result report for “prediction of future disease” and “current physical condition”-
[Image 3:×2599.jpg]              -Health consultation image with concierge (online)-
[Image 4:×2451.jpg] -Lifestyle improvement menu items provided by a dedicated app- [Background] From March 2023, Fourness Life and NEC Solution Innovators will work together to achieve Arao City’s goals of extending the healthy life expectancy of its citizens, curbing increases in medical and nursing care benefit costs, and achieving sustainable financial management of Arao City. Together, we are working on a public-private partnership “Smart City Project”. As part of this, we will start providing a lifestyle improvement program tailored to each individual based on the test results, which is the next step of the Fornes Visuals test, and follow up for continuation. [Provision overview] 1. Start date of provision June 5, 2023 (Monday) 2. Target 61 people, mainly in their 40s and 70s, who underwent Fornes Visuals examination at Arao Municipal Hospital 3. Provision content (1) ) Health consultation by concierge service Once every three months, Fourness Visuals concierge service provides specific suggestions and consultations for improving lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise according to health conditions and lifestyles based on test results. Offers. (Note 3) In addition, the proposal know-how of this service will be passed on to public health nurses in Arao City, which is expected to enable independent health consultations in Arao City. (2) Provision of menus for improving lifestyle habits After health consultation with the concierge, each individual will be able to use the Fourness Visuals smartphone app to raise awareness of health and support continuous daily efforts. We will guide you through the menu of the lifestyle improvement program that suits you by push notification. The test taker can register the notified menu in the app, check it every day, and manage the practice record. The app offers a wide range of menus, including exercise, sleep, diet, mental health care, and oral care, to comprehensively support health promotion. (3) Fourness Life will periodically check the
implementation status by LINE or telephone to the follow-up target for continuation. Regular confirmation supports the maintenance of motivation to improve lifestyle habits. In addition, we plan to hold make-up seminars that are conscious of creating opportunities to interact with people and building social connections, and real events related to walking that promote going out for the purpose of promoting health and maintaining social connections. .
[Image 5:×2093.jpg] -Approach using disease risk prediction tests-Through this initiative, Arao City, Fornes Life, and NEC Solution Innovators will visualize “current” and “future” health conditions and disease risks, and implement improvement measures according to risks. We aim to support people’s health by proposing these, and to realize a society where people can live healthy and long lives and a smart city that leads to the well-being of citizens.
                                           Making use of SomaLogic’s technology, which measures approximately 7,000 types of proteins at once, this is the first test in Japan. In order to clarify the relationship between diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke and blood proteins, we are utilizing domestic and overseas research data with the cooperation of experts in a wide range of fields. By comprehensively evaluating multiple proteins, it is possible to visualize the “current” and “future” health conditions and the risk of contracting diseases, which could not be understood by simply evaluating each protein individually. We provide it through * Fornes Visualus is the first and only inspection in Japan that utilizes SomaLogic’s analysis technology. * This test can be used by
individuals who visit a medical institution. The test results are provided to the individual as the medical care of the doctor at the medical institution. * The results of this test cannot be used for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, etc. of any disease without the judgment of a doctor. Please consult with a doctor at a medical institution and use it to improve your health. * This test does not guarantee the accuracy of the results or the provision of results equivalent to those of other test methods. *Disease prediction is intended to assess the risk of developing a disease in the future, and not to determine the current prevalence of a disease. *Test results for future disease prediction do not predict lifetime risk. * There is no specified time for blood collection or dietary restrictions. (Note 2) Press release dated March 15, 2023: “[Smart City Project] Started offering Fornes Visuals inspections to 100 citizens of Arao, Kumamoto Prefecture” 1/
NEC Stories “Predict future diseases with a small amount of blood! ICT contributes to the health and longevity of the community, one step in Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture”
(Note 3) Consultation with the Concierge of Fornes Visuals is up to twice a year online for standard services. This time, as an original initiative of Arao City, we will meet face-to-face and online once every three months. *Company names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. -About “Foresvisuas”-URL for general customers: corporate customers Inquiries from customers regarding this matter – Fornes Life Marketing Division E-Mail: NEC Solution Innovator Digital Healthcare Business Promotion Office E-Mail: – This matter Inquiries from the press-Arao City Regional Development Department Smart City Promotion Office TEL: 0968-57-7622 Fourness Life Public Relations Office TEL: 03-5411-0066 FAX: 03-3401-7788 E-Mail: pr Contact: Komuro (Mobile: 090-5537-8309) Contact: Sugimura (Mobile: 070-1389-0175) NEC Corporate Communications Department Nomoto Phone: 080-1378-6573
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