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GMO Internet Group GMO Ad Marketing Launches Awareness Survey Service for Elevator Ads

GMO Internet Group
GMO Ad Marketing Launches Elevator Ad Awareness Survey Service
GMO AD Marketing Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and President: Kentaro Watanabe, hereinafter referred to as GMO AD Marketing), a consolidated company of GMO AD Partners, Inc. of the GMO Internet Group, which develops ad technology business, media sales business, etc., is a digital signage advertising company. Developed a service specializing in awareness surveys for elevator advertisements “GRAND” provided by Tokyo Co., Ltd. .
By narrowing down the contents of the survey, the service that we have started offering this time can reduce the cost of collection and analysis, and can provide the data necessary for advertising effectiveness measurement at a low price. In the future, GMO Ad Marketing will provide this service to other elevator advertising management companies and DOOH (*1) management companies such as outdoor digital signage using digital technology, aiming to establish an evaluation index for DOOH advertising. I will come.
[Image 1:×727.png] (*1) DOOH Ads: Abbreviation for Digital Out of Home. It is a type of OOH (Out of Home) advertising, which refers to general advertising outside the home, such as billboards and advertisements inside train stations, and refers to OOH advertising that utilizes digital technology such as digital signage.
[Background of provision]
Elevator advertisements are placed on signage installed in elevators in offices and condominiums that are frequently used, and are advertisements that can be approached during gaps such as elevator waiting times and boarding and alighting times. It is attracting attention as a new advertising medium because it can target according to the characteristics of properties such as offices and condominiums. Furthermore, with the increase in signage installations in recent years, the number of advertising products that can display video with sound in private rooms is increasing, and the demand for elevator advertising is increasing.
In elevator advertising, as with other OOH/DOOH advertising, it is common to use a brand lift survey (*2), which conducts a questionnaire after the advertisement is placed, to measure the effectiveness. However, in general brand lift research, the research cost is often relatively high compared to the advertising cost, and there was a problem in continuous effectiveness verification.
In the recognition survey service that we have started offering this time, we have minimized the cost of collection and analysis by narrowing down the survey content to “recognition”, making it possible to provide the data necessary for advertising effectiveness
measurement at a low price. As a result, it is possible to
quantitatively evaluate elevator advertisements while reducing the cost of verifying effectiveness against advertising costs.
(*2) A survey conducted after placing advertisements to compare and evaluate the recognition, favorability, purchase intentions, etc. of companies and brands between a group that has been exposed to advertisements and a group that has not.
[Plan contents/price]
It can be implemented as an option in the regular advertisement menu of “GRAND”.
[Image 2:×416.png] *Rates for July to September 2023.
[Recognition survey example]
We will conduct a survey on two items: “Whether you have seen the video” and “Whether you know the service”.
[Image 3:×500.png]
[Image 4:×544.png] [Comment from Yu Hong Luo, Representative Director, Tokyo Co., Ltd.]  There have been requests for research to be conducted at a lower price range, and this time we were given the opportunity to undertake such an initiative under the leadership of GMO Ad Marketing. We hope that many advertisers will take this opportunity to use brand lift surveys as a verification method.
[About Tokyo Co., Ltd.]
A startup from the University of Tokyo that develops an elevator advertising business centered on large office buildings in Tokyo. We aim to transform the scenery of the first-class office district centered on Marunouchi and create a “hands-free planet”.
[About GMO Ad Marketing] (URL:
GMO Ad Marketing is a group company of GMO Ad Partners Co., Ltd., whose main businesses are ad technology business and media sales business. We have multiple ad technology products such as ad networks and SSPs, and our mission is to maximize the earnings of media companies and advertisers by utilizing the technical capabilities of the GMO Internet Group and the sales network of the media sales business. is.
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[Inquiries regarding this matter]
● GMO Ad Partners, Inc. Corporate Planning Department
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