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Held a seminar for supporters of business succession jointly with Buttons and Future Venture Capital

Held a seminar for supporters of business succession jointly with Buttons and Future Venture Capital
Explanation of support know-how for third-party succession and employee succession

BATONZ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuichi Kanze, hereinafter BATONZ), which operates the M&A comprehensive support platform “BATONZ”, Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, CEO : Wei Kin, hereinafter referred to as FVC), will hold a seminar on Friday, July 7th to convey know-how on support for employee succession and third party succession.
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■ Implementation date and time: July 7, 2023 (Friday) 18: 00-19: 30 ■ Holding method: Online (ZOOM / webinar)
■ Speakers:
FVC Senior Investment Officer
Mr. Mitsuhiro Ogawa
Buttons Partner Success Manager Tatsuya Ishigami
■ Participation fee: Free
■ Application form: [Webinar features]
As business owners continue to age, support for business succession to the next generation of business owners will become an essential task for experts such as accounting firms and consultants. This time, we will focus on employee succession and third party succession, which are one of the means of business succession, and explain know-how and points on how to support them.
■ Lecture content
Part 1: Employee succession is not difficult, know-how leading to success (FVC) 45 minutes
・ What is employee succession?
・ Reasons why employee succession is difficult (the burden on the successor is heavy)
・Examples of utilization of regional revitalization funds
・ Q&A (10 minutes)
part2: The more support drawers, the better! Third party succession support know-how (Batons) 45 minutes
・ Last bastion, market sentiment for third-party succession
・ Support for third-party succession has greater benefits than risks ・ Support for third-party succession using the platform
・ Q&A (10 minutes)
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Buttons Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-12-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 2018
Capital: 100 million yen
Representative Director: Yuichi Kanze
Business content: M&A matching using the Internet / Management consulting website planning, production, operation and management / Various education related to M&A
Company HP:
Services offered by Buttons:
BATONZ Partner Program
Batons M&A University
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