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Howe Television Co., Ltd. Special Feature on Foreign Capital Job Hunting Dot Com Revealing the identity of “VC” that job hunting students don’t know (6 episodes in total)

Howe Television Co., Ltd.
[Special Feature on Foreign Capital Job] Unveiled the identity of VCs that job hunting students don’t know (6 episodes in total)

Hau Television Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yosuke Otonari), which operates the career platform
“”, which pursues user-first, with the slogan of “nurturing human resources who can take on challenges in the world and create the future”. has released a special article “The identity of ‘VC’ that job hunting students don’t know” (6 times in total).
[Image 1:×450.png] Background of the project
What is “venture capital (VC)”? Invest in promising unlisted start-up companies, promote their growth, and recover the financial returns that arise from increasing their corporate value. That’s the general definition.
However, the work of VCs is so diverse that it cannot be fully explained by that definition. This is because there are many startups in the world, and their business content and growth patterns vary. Also, the quota for new graduates is limited, and it may be difficult for students, especially, to understand how to get this job. This special feature delves into VCs from all angles, including the current state of the industry, the work of young VCs, and tips for finding employment. It should be helpful not only for those who want to enter the VC industry, but also for those who are interested in other fund companies and startups.
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Article composition
The contents of all 6 series articles are as follows.
#01 It’s winter time in the VC industry… but “there’s no other job that is as fun as this.” Hear from a seasoned venture capitalist about the current state of startup investment
Ryu Muramatsu General Partner, GMO VenturePartners
[Image 2:×450.png]
#02 A “Global Career” Path Taken Through VC in Silicon Valley Hiroki Matsuda (Former Sozo Ventures Managing Director)
[Image 3:×450.png]
#03 Startup CFO Reveals the Lights and Shadows of Venture Capital Mr. A Startup CFO
[Image 4:×450.png]
#04 The reason why it is NG to change jobs in 3 years at VC. Interview with Incubate Fund HR Managers and Others on the Current Status of Younger Hiring
Toshinori Kabeya Incubate Fund HR Director
Mr. Mitsuaki Watanabe Axium President and CEO Executive Consultant
[Image 5:×450.png]
#05 VCs are whiter than investment banks! ? A day in the life of a young venture capitalist
Mr. B A young venture capitalist belonging to a VC investing in Japan and overseas
[Image 6:×450.png]
#06 Startup investment at Goldman, challenged by ex-SmartNews executive. “I want entrepreneurs to make more use of GS.”
Tetsuya Matsumoto Vice President, Asset Management, Goldman Sachs
[Image 7:×450.png]
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