HYBE JAPAN Co., Ltd. 4 works from 3 groups of HYBE LABELS artists have entered the TOP 10 of “Billboard JAPAN Top Albums Sales 2023 first half chart”

4 works from 3 groups of HYBE LABELS artists charted in TOP 10 of “Billboard JAPAN Top Albums Sales 2023 first half chart”
~ HYBE LABELS artists sweeping the charts prove the success of the multi-label system ~

On June 9th, “US Billboard” and “Billboard Japan” announced the award-winning songs and artists for the first half of 2023 charts, and three HYBE LABELS artists were in the top 10 of “Billboard JAPAN Top Albums Sales 2023 first half chart”. 4 works have entered the chart. (Data collection period: November 28, 2022 to May 28, 2023)
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This chart is an album sales chart that totals the estimated number of sales for each title, such as the first edition, limited edition, and regular edition.
SEVENTEEN’s 10th mini-album “FML”, the world’s first and only album to sell 3 million copies on the first day of its release, entered the chart at 3rd place, and the JAPAN 1ST EP “DREAM”, which was certified as a million by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, also ranked 10th. is charting in.
TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s 5th mini-album “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION”, which charted for 18 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s “Billboard 200”, ranked 8th, and BTS member JIMIN became a K-POP soloist. Solo album ‘FACE’, which ranked first in the history of first-time sales (more than 1.45 million copies) as an artist album and ranked second as a K-POP solo artist on the US Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200”, ranked ninth. 4 works by 3 groups of HYBE LABELS artists entered the album sales chart TOP 10.
In addition, among the data that makes up the Billboard JAPAN Hot 100, the number of radio, download, streaming, and weekly video playbacks is aggregated, and the rapidly rising artists are extracted from the “Billboard JAPAN Heatseekers Songs 2023 first half chart”. NewJeans’ two songs “Hype Boy” and “Attention”, which are sweeping the charts around the world, entered the charts at No. 3 and No. 6 respectively. This time, he is the only overseas artist to enter the chart, proving his global popularity and attention.
In addition, JIMIN’s ‘FACE’ ranked 6th in the “Billboard JAPAN Download Albums 2023 First Half Chart”, which counts the number of downloads. BTS member SUGA’s solo name Agust D’s Solo Album ‘D-DAY’ entered the chart at 8th place.
In the “Billboard JAPAN Hot Albums 2023 First Half Chart”, which is a comprehensive album chart that combines estimated nationwide sales and download data, SEVENTEEN’s “FML” ranked 3rd and JIMIN’s “FACE” recorded 8th. Did.
In the multi-label system promoted by HYBE, along with the business support provided by HYBE’s infrastructure, the label’s independence is guaranteed not only in organizational structure but also in terms of creativity and content, allowing diverse artists to work actively at the same time. making it possible to The success of the HYBE LABELS artists shown this time is proof of the success of the multi-label system.

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