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Hyperithm Wins Double at ETH Seoul Hackathon 2023

Hyperithm Wins Double at ETH Seoul Hackathon 2023

Members of the Hyperithm Group (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Lloyd Lee), which provides digital asset financial services based in Japan and South Korea, will be in Seoul, South Korea for three days from June 2nd to 4th, 2023. At the ETH Seoul Hackathon 2023, we won the “Most Innovative dApps on Gnosis Chain” and “Best New Subgraph” awards.
[Image 1:×768.png] About ETH Seoul
ETH Seoul is one of the ETH Global events held around the world, and was held in Seoul, South Korea for three days from June 2nd to 4th, 2023. ETH Global is an organization that hosts hackathons and events focused on the Ethereum blockchain and dApps (decentralized
applications). Developers within the Ethereum ecosystem come together to collaborate in teams and develop innovative projects powered by Ethereum. Workshops and expert presentations will also be held to improve knowledge and skills in blockchain development. ETH Global’s events are globally popular and contribute to the growth and development of the Ethereum ecosystem.
Event page:
Hyperithm Winning Project
“Tazza” (Winner of the Most innovative dApps on Gnosis Chain Award) Tazza is a framework for creating fully on-chain card games using Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology. Tazza solves the problem in the Web3 world where gameplay still relies on centralized servers and there are only partially on-chain games. Please see the introduction page below for details.
Tezza introduction page:
[Image 2:×1819.png] Team Members: Youngchan, Sanghyeon, Seungtaek
A word from the team: Our project is more of a technical framework than a DAPP, and we are very happy to win despite the disadvantage of being the only game-related project. I would like to continue to challenge the limits of Web3 games.
“Chain Feed” (Best New Subgraph Award Winner)
Chain Feed is an analytical tool to address the challenges faced by retail investors in the Crypto market. The tool aims to provide curated real-time data feeds to democratize access to on-chain information. This enables individual investors to make informed decisions and deliver results in volatile markets. Please see the introduction page below for details.
Chain Feed introduction page:
[Image 3:×2184.png] Team members: Junghyun, Yooseok, Kyoungseo, Keon, and one external designer A word from the team:
Hackathon Rules: Big ideas always win. Good UX usually wins too. But a perfect implementation doesn’t always win…
Impressions of ETH Seoul
・This year’s ETH Seoul was a large-scale event with 46 teams and more than 200 participants. There were many restrictions on the venue and schedule, but I think we were able to demonstrate the technology and experience we have cultivated in the blockchain field.
It was a valuable learning experience as most of the projects and winning teams focused on UI rather than technical aspects. We also saw many projects incorporating AI.
・Hyperithm would like to thank the ETH Seoul organizers, team members, and the community for supporting us. We would like to continue to innovate and expand the possibilities in the blockchain and web3 fields.
■ About Hyperithm Group
Since its founding in January 2018, Hyperithm has been developing a crypto asset wealth management business targeting institutional investors based in Japan and South Korea. In Japan, we have completed notification of special business for qualified institutional investors, etc., and in South Korea, we have completed notification of crypto-asset business equivalent to Japan’s crypto-asset exchange business. In March 2022, we raised funds from Coinbase Ventures in a Series B bridge round. From May 2022, we have started operating the first bitcoin-denominated fund in Japan based on special business for qualified institutional investors. In addition, in June 2022, we formed the Web3 Fund with the aim of revitalizing the Web3 ecosystem and are actively investing.
【Company Profile】
Company name: HYPERITHM Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Lloyd Lee
Head office location: 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Otemachi Building 4th floor, inside FINOLAB
Established: January 2018
Number of officers and employees: 30 (including affiliated companies) Overseas base: South Korea
Company HP:
Hyperithm Emerges as Double Winners at ETH Seoul Hackathon 2023 Hyperithm, a leading digital asset financial service provider based in Tokyo and Seoul, is pleased to report recent successes at the ETH Seoul Hackathon 2023. Our talented developer teams have been recognized with two notable awards. They earned the ‘Most innovative dApps on Gnosis Chain ‘ award, and the ‘Best New Subgraph’ award. About Hyperithm
Hyperithm, with operations centered in Tokyo and Seoul, is an influential figure in the digital asset finance arena, backed by a roster of respected investors such as Coinbase, Samsung, Kakao, and Hashed.
Hyperithm specializes in algorithm/HFT-based, market-neutral strategies for institutions and HNWIs, offering a comprehensive suite of crypto prime brokerage services as a fully regulated Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP).
Guided by the vision of our co-founders, an ex-Morgan Stanley investment banker and a Forbes 30 Under 30 serial entrepreneur, Hyperithm is not just a financial innovator but also an active supporter of the growing Web3 ecosystem, investing in Layer 1/Layer 2s, dApps, gaming projects, and asset managers.
About ETH Seoul
ETH Seoul is a gathering point for developers within the Ethereum ecosystem, facilitating the exchange of ideas and the creation of innovative solutions for both the Korean and global communities. Hyperithm’s Winning Projects
Tazza: A framework for trustless, verifiable, and private card games on the blockchain, presented by team members Youngchan, Sanghyeon, and Seungtaek. Despite its technical nature, this gaming framework stood out due to its innovative approach to web3 games. , visit Tazza. Chain Feed: A timeline-based web app designed to democratize on-chain intelligence, brought to life by Junghyun, Yooseok, Kyoungseo, and Keon, an external designer.This project emphasizes the importance of the “big idea” in hackathons.For further information, check out Chain Feed.
A Few Words from the Teams
Our attendees were amazed by the scale of ETH Seoul, which saw over 200 participants and 46 teams – far exceeding expectations. Despite the logistical challenges posed by the venue and schedule, our teams persevered, showcasing the technical proficiency and determination that sets Hyperithm apart.
The Hackathon’s focus on user interface over the technical aspects was a valuable learning experience. Our teams were particularly impressed by the numerous projects incorporating AI.
Hyperithm extends our gratitude to the organizers of ETH Seoul, our team members, and our supportive community. We will continue to push boundaries and foster innovation within the blockchain and web3 space.

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