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Japan’s leading Web3 IP “CryptoNinja” advances to Bitcoin NFT! An auction of 10 Genesis will start from June 15th.

Crypto Ninja Ordinals
Japan’s leading Web3 IP “CryptoNinja” advances to Bitcoin NFT! An auction of 10 Genesis will start from June 15th.
If you tweet this press release with a hashtag, we will hold a campaign to win a grand sale arrow list. For more information, please see the “Arrow list hits! Twitter campaign” below.

CryptoNinja Ordinals (Founder: Tad Kanda) will release a Bitcoin NFT collection of Japan’s leading Web3 IP “CryptoNinja” (Founder: Ikehaya). From June 15, 2023 (Thursday), 10 Genesis will be sold at auction as a pre-sale. After that, we will expand the genesis sale and grand sale.
CryptoNinja and CryptoNinja Ordinals
[Image 1:×480.png] “CryptoNinja” is one of the largest Web3 IPs in Japan by Mr. Ikehaya. Collection on the Ethereum Blockchain CryptoNinja Partners boasts the top transaction volume as a domestic NFT collection (as of June 8, 2023, according to NFTRANKING.JP 30-day data). In addition, LINE NFT also recorded transactions exceeding 50 million yen, and it was announced the other day that the TV anime series “Ninja! Crypto Ninja Sakuya” will be broadcast from October 2023. -Reference-The total transaction value of the NFT comprehensive marketplace “LINE NFT” and the CryptoNinja Partners series has exceeded 50 million yen! World’s first! TV anime series of NFT characters decided! “Never bear! Crypto Ninja Sakuya” will start broadcasting in October 2023.
“CryptoNinja Ordinals” will be released as CryptoNinja’s Bitcoin NFT collection. *See below for an overview and features of Bitcoin NFT It will be sold from 1000 initial production. There are currently 36 characters in CryptoNinja, but each character has 3 different rarities: only 1 Genesis, 3 Rare, and all other Commons.
[Table 3: ]
Possession benefits As a full-on-chain digital collective, the art itself has a collection quality, but in addition, priority sales for new works and limited edition releases, owner-only communities (within NinjaDAO Discord), off-line meetings, and related project arrows. We plan to provide holders with benefits such as providing a list. *Purchase does not guarantee future profits.
Sales schedule
[Table 4: ]
*1 Those who fall under the Allowlist can participate in the sale preferentially. *2*3 Bitcoin NFT study session, distribution by collaboration project, lottery on Twitter, etc.
Genesis pre-sale successful bidder benefits
・The arrow list in the grand sale will be the highest (preferred treatment such as the number of individuals that can be
purchased).・Commemorative SBT will be sent to the winning Ethereum wallet at a later date. Your CryptoNinja Ordinals pre-sale winning bidder will be long-term proof in your Ethereum wallet.
[Image 2:×1679.png] Please check the following channels for the latest information such as auction details.
・ Official Twitter:
・ Official community:
· note (providing various materials and supplementary information)
What is Bitcoin NFT (Ordinals)?
Until now, the Bitcoin blockchain has specialized in remittance functions, and NFT transactions have mainly been conducted on blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain (BSC). However, from around February 2023, the Ordinals protocol, which makes it possible to store digital collectibles on the Bitcoin blockchain, began to attract attention, and the world’s leading NFT collections such as Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Yuga Labs, which has It is already second only to Ethereum in terms of NFT transaction volume for each blockchain, and is far ahead of the third place (*). There is a possibility that various applications such as digital collectives, token issuance (BRC20), Defi, games, metaverse, etc. will be integrated in the future under Bitcoin, which is the “originator” of blockchain, and is currently attracting a lot of attention. I am looking forward to it. * According to
Features of Bitcoin NFT
There are two main points. 1. Blockchain is Bitcoin, 2. Full-on-chain. 1. Since the Bitcoin blockchain does not depend on any specific company or person, it is difficult for the blockchain itself to suffer damage due to bankruptcies of related companies that have occurred in recent years, and it has high decentralization. I’m here. 2. Many NFT projects are off-chain (the content itself is not stored on the blockchain), and there is a possibility that the content will not remain if the project ends in the future. NFTs are full-on-chain and their content will live forever as long as the Bitcoin blockchain is up and running. From 1. and 2., it is said that Bitcoin NFT is characterized by the fact that the content will remain forever in the long future under the high decentralization and censorship resistance of the blockchain.
Arrow list hits! Twitter campaign
Post on Twitter with the URL of this press release and the hashtag #CryptoNinja becomes Bitcoin NFT
(Please use “tweet” as your own tweet, not “retweet”). Also, follow our official account @CNOrdinals. Among those who meet both
conditions, 5 people will win the grand sale arrow list by lottery. Management member
[Image 3:×320.jpg] ■ Founder Tad Kanda
He became the founder of Ordinals because he was one of the first to disseminate information about Ordinals at ICL (Ikehaya Virtual Currency Lab). Former Yahoo! JAPAN Producer (1999-2008), living overseas since 2015, working as a consultant for Japanese companies expanding overseas and tech companies. He is a team member of CryptoNinja Partners Philippines (CNPP) and has experience joining a blockchain game company.
[Image 4:×400.jpg] ■ Lead Designer Monako
Office worker dotter. An oddball who finds happiness in pushing himself to the limit. Lead designer CryptoNinja Nouns (CNN) has grown to treasury 200ETH in less than three months since its release. In the web3 game CryptoFantasy, which is based on Crypto Ninja, he has been involved in a wide range of areas such as pixel art creation, programming, and official website creation.
[Image 5:×400.png] ■ Advisor Ikehaya
Founder of Japan’s largest NFT collection “CryptoNinja/Ninja DAO”. A pioneer of professional bloggers, he is active in various fields such as book writing, business YouTuber, and Voicy personality. In charge of sales and marketing for Japan’s leading NFT collection “CryptoNinja Partners” with a market capitalization of over 16,000 ETH (4.1 billion yen). SNS total followers 700,000 people. Bitcoin NFT is attracting worldwide attention. However, there is still no outstanding
large-scale collection from Japan. At CNO, Ms. Monako, one of Japan’s leading pixel art artists, provided us with wonderful works. Let’s bring Japanese creativity to the world of Bitcoin NFT.
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