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Kanami’s psychic nature’s rather mysterious daily life Announcement of a special campaign for a limited time

Dear Members of the Media,
Kanami’s psychic nature’s rather mysterious daily life Announcement of a special campaign for a limited time
A total of 10 volumes of comic essays by an author who can read (spiritually) with a spiritual constitution.

A non-fiction comic depicting the interaction with spirits and gods that Kanami, a woman who speaks with gods, meets.
For some reason, Ise Shrine, Japan’s number one power spot, is possessed by an evil spirit, for some reason I receive a prophecy from the goddess of Miyakojima, and for some reason I am haunted by the mountain god of Mt. Takao… This book, which is a comic essay of an author who can read (psychic) ​​with such a spiritual constitution, is a guide to God that makes you laugh and cry. .
[Image 1:×712.jpg] For all 10 volumes published from 2011 to 2021, if you purchase on the Sanei official mail order site for a certain period of time, we will carry out a campaign to receive a postcard with the cover design of each issue.
[Image 2:×800.jpg] Furthermore, for those who purchase a set of all 10 volumes, in addition to the postcards with the cover design of all 10 volumes, the original poster (A5 size) designed by Shichifukujin and the right to participate in the original author Kanami Yoshino’s talk show. Comes with you.
[Image 3:×542.png] [Campaign period]
From Friday, June 9th to Friday, July 7th
[Campaign details]
During the campaign period, if you purchase “Kanami’s Fairly Mysterious Daily Life” on the official mail order site of Sanei Co., Ltd., you will receive an original postcard with the cover design. In addition, those who purchase the 10-volume set will receive a postcard for the 10 volumes as well as a Shichifukujin illustration poster (A5 size) signed by the original author, Kanami Yoshino, and a special CD made by Kanami Yoshino.
In addition, purchasers of all 10 volumes can participate in a talk event with Kanami Yoshino by lottery.
Campaign announcement page
Pretty mysterious daily life of Kanami, who has a psychic constitution (product list page on the stock Sanei mail order site) Summary of Kanami Yoshino talk event
Date: Saturday, July 22nd
Holding time: From 13:00 to 15:00
Venue: Sanei Co., Ltd.
Shinjuku Square Tower 26F, 6-22-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Admission time: You can enter the venue from 12:30.
Event participation application deadline July 7 (Friday)
Maximum 40 people Minimum number of participants 5 people
[Original author profile] Yoshino Kanami (Yoshino Kanami) After interacting with the neighbor’s dog “Momo”, who should have died, he begins to have strange experiences every day. He has published many books such as “My dog ​​Momo who went to heaven”, “Simple spiritual lessons full of happiness”, and “Magic lessons loved by money”. It has also been translated into Taiwanese and Chinese versions. Currently, in addition to individual counseling, he is active in a wide range of activities such as holding schools, composing, music education, writing, and lecture activities. Manga artist Seiko Yamada. His main works include “Takekurabe/Ichiyo Higuchi” (published by Shueisha). He also worked on character designs for the mobile site “Kwaidan Hyakumonogatari Shinmibukuro”. He also creates original picture-story shows in collaboration with professional picture-story show artists. Her hobbies are rakugo, tea ceremony, and karaoke.
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