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KOFUKU TRADING L.L.C. Sales B2B trading platform enabay for overseas buyers! Agricultural, forestry and fishery products from all over Japan and the heart of Japan to the world! “Japan Ichijo Street Concept” in Hong Kong launched!!

Sales for overseas buyers B2B trade platform enabay development window! Agricultural, forestry and fishery products from all over Japan and the heart of Japan to the world! “Japan Ichijo Street Concept” in Hong Kong launched!!
Japan Ichijo Street in Hong Kong! Develop promotions including EC and physical stores in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Vietnam! Looking for foods and merchandise from all over Japan! Platform store management system introduced!

Kofuku Shoji LLC (head office: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo), which operates a trading business centered on Japanese food products such as wagyu beef and sake, and sanitary goods, has partnered with enabay, a Hong Kong partner company, to develop it as a window for cross-border e-commerce platforms. became.
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[Image 2:×1144.jpg] ■ The 5th Japanese Food Exhibition and Business Meeting in Hong Kong From July 20th to July 21st, 2023 at Hong Kong Inabay Business Center, The 5th Japanese food exhibition business meeting will be held.
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[Image 4:×1128.jpg] ■ App for direct transactions between Japanese manufacturers and overseas buyers is a sales B2B/B2C trade marketplace platform for overseas buyers established in Hong Kong in 2019 for the purpose of developing excellent Japanese products to overseas buyers and supporting them. Currently, based in Hong Kong, we support the product sales of Japanese companies mainly in Hong Kong/Macao, China, and Vietnam. The Enabay B2B app has been completed as an app for overseas buyers to purchase Japanese products on a daily basis. In addition, depending on market needs, products on Enabay can also be opened as a sales platform for consumers at the same time.
In addition, it is multilingual, supports local exchanges and other regions, and fully supports domestic transactions, so even if you have no overseas sales experience, you can use it easily.
[Image 5:×1150.jpg] ■We will develop special products from all over Japan overseas both online and offline, and contribute to the export of special products from all over Japan.
[Image 6:×1108.jpg] We are also planning “Japan City” as a local antenna shop in Hong Kong that gathers products from manufacturers and producers from all over Japan in one place.
Buyers and consumers will be able to trade products from manufacturers and producers all over Japan online, as well as in physical stores. In addition, we will actively attract customers to various fairs and promotional events for face-to-face customer service, which will lead to positive synergies and long-term prospects.
[About Kofuku Shoji LLC]
Head office: 6-13-6-A103 Nishiogyu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0011 Established: December 2018
Business: Trading business
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Importer: Kofuku Shoji LLC
Person in charge: Yamazaki
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