Kracie Yakuhin Co., Ltd. The characters play ed by Tomokazu Sugita and Suzuko Mimori deliver healing voices! “Kampo Therapy CM Character Healing Voice Campaign” held

Kracie Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
– Commemorating the opening of Kampo therapy official Twitter – Characters played by Tomokazu Sugita and Suzuko Mimori deliver healing voices! “Kampo Therapy CM Character Healing Voice Campaign” held -W chance to win autographed cards and limited goods-

Kracie Yakuhin Co., Ltd., which sells over-the-counter drugs and ethical drugs centered on Chinese herbal medicine, will open the official Twitter account of the Kampo therapy brand
( on May 31, 2023 (Wednesday). opened. In commemoration of this, from 13:00 on June 5th (Monday) to 23:59 on June 25th (Sunday), you can listen to the “healing voice” by CM characters played by voice actors Tomokazu Sugita and Suzuko Mimori. Kampo Therapy CM Character Healing Voice Campaign” will be held. In addition, 6 people who participated in the campaign will be given a signed card and limited goods by lottery.
[Image 1:×808.jpg] The “Kampo Therapy” official Twitter account will provide information that will make you feel more familiar with Kampo, and will tweet the daily lives of the animal characters that appear in TV commercials. This time, to commemorate the opening of the official account, we will hold a retweet campaign where you can listen to the “healing voice” of the characters played by Tomokazu Sugita and Suzuko Mimori in a TV commercial.
■ Outline of “Kampo Therapy CM Character Healing Voice Campaign” If you follow the official Twitter account of “Kampo Therapy” and select and retweet “Irritation” that you can sympathize with from the target tweets, you will receive a healing voice in reply. Healing voices will be randomly replied from 16 types, 8 types each for Mr. Sugita and Mr. Mimori. You can participate in the campaign once a day, and you can participate as many times as you like during the campaign period.
 In addition, 6 people who participated in the campaign will be given a stuffed toy rucksack (not for sale) featuring the commercial character “Inupie” and a card signed by Mr. Sugita or Mr. Mimori. If you participate more than once, your chances of winning will increase, so be sure to participate every day and win limited goods!
▶ “Healing voice” sample: (Mr. Sugita)
[Video 3:] ・ (Mr. Mimori)
[Video 4:] -Campaign Overview-
Name: Chinese medicine therapy CM character healing voice campaign
[Image 2:×255.png] Kampo Therapy Official Twitter Account
Period: June 5, 2023 (Monday) 13:00 to June 25 (Sunday) 23:59 way to participate:
1. “Kampo Therapy” official Twitter account
  Follow (
2. Select and retweet today’s frustration from within the target campaign post *Regarding autographed cards and limited goods, after a strict lottery,    Only the winners will be contacted by direct message.
-Application Terms-
■ About Kampo Therapy
[Image 3:×900.jpg] “Kampo Therapy” is a brand of Kampo medicines sold at pharmacies and drugstores. It was established in 2006 with the desire to use Kampo medicine as a gentle companion to your precious daily life, as people become more health-conscious and emphasize self-medication. Kampo medicines have an image of being difficult to understand, but we have devised easy-to-understand packages so that customers can pick them up according to their symptoms and concerns. We have a lineup of more than 40 prescriptions, and we will respond to minor worries that do not go to the hospital and symptoms that we did not know how to deal with until now.
■ About Kracie Pharmaceuticals
[Image 4:×1080.png] As a Kampo professional, Kracie Yakuhin has been supporting the healthy and prosperous lives of people living in Japan for more than half a century. We provide a wide range of products from
over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to ethical drugs, with a focus on Kampo medicines, under our integrated system.
In recent years, in response to the social situation where the value of health and the way people live have changed significantly, Kracie Yakuhin strengthened the cooperation between the medical and general use fields in the Kampo business, and integrated the Kampo medicine business as “Kracie’s Kampo”. We will take on the challenge of increasing the provision of health value through
Through Kampo, we will support people living in Japan to look at their own health comprehensively and create an ideal healthy life. Details about this release:
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