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Kyoto Shunju Co., Ltd. Kyoto Shunju, which provides high-quality cultural experiences in Kyoto, will hold a luxurious one-day event where you can fully enjoy the summer of Kyoto. implementation!

Kyoto Shunju Co., Ltd.
Kyoto Shunju, which provides high-quality cultural experiences in Kyoto, will hold a luxurious one-day event where you can fully enjoy the summer of Kyoto, “Yamahoko Junko and kaiseki cuisine at famous restaurants”.
Limited to 16 people! On the pre-festival of the Gion Festival, see the Yamaboko procession from the historic Kyomachiya architecture, and taste the Kyoto pike conger kaiseki [Date and time] July 17
(Mon/holiday) 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. [Venue] Hatchikuan ( Hachikuan) (former name: Former Kawasaki Residence)

Kyoto Shunju Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, CEO: Yutaka Ichikawa) has a corporate philosophy of “connecting the traditional culture of Kyoto and the world”, and special openings of private temples that hold national treasures and important cultural properties. , We are working on various projects unique to Kyoto, such as experience events of traditional culture that Kyoto is proud of. We have worked with a wide range of companies, including foreign luxury brands, major manufacturers, and individual VIP customers in Japan and overseas.
[Image 1:×1214.jpg] This time, at the Japanese cultural cram school “Kotonari Juku” sponsored by Kyoto Shunju, “Yamahoko Junko and Kaiseki cuisine at famous restaurants” will be held on July 17th (Monday / holiday), when the Gion Festival will be the most exciting. will be held.
One of the three major festivals in Japan, the Gion Festival is a summer tradition in Kyoto. In addition to the Shinto rituals at Yasaka Shrine, townsfolk build gorgeous yamahoko floats, which are also called “moving art museums,” and the town is dyed in the colors of the festival to the sound of musical accompaniment. During the Yamaboko Junko that takes place on July 17th and 24th, many spectators visit to see the Yamahoko floats traveling down Miyakooji. The Yamahoko Junko, which goes around the city, passes through three main streets and one alley. In the alley “Shinmachi-dori”, the yamahoko spread out over the road, giving visitors an overwhelming sense of realism and power that cannot be felt on the main street. Hachikuan, which stands on Shinmachi-dori Street, is a large-scale townhouse built by a wealthy merchant in the Taisho period, and has a “hokomidai” on the roof for viewing the parade of floats.
At Kotonari Juku this time, we rented Hatchikuan to watch the parade of floats from the hokomidai, and enjoyed a special kaiseki meal using conger eel, which Kyoto people love to eat at this time of year, with the entertainment of geisha and maiko. increase. It is a luxurious event that is reminiscent of the games of the Taisho and Showa eras, such as watching the Yamahoko parade from a great place, kaiseki cuisine at a famous restaurant, and entertaining geisha and maiko. Kyoto is one of the world’s leading cultural attractions. Kyoto Shunju utilizes its 30 years of connection with temples and traditional culture to provide a special time for those who seek an essential cultural experience. A place you’ve been to once, a time you’ve never experienced before. Experience authentic traditional culture through various cultural experiences offered by Kotonari Juku.
Date: July 17 (Mon/Holiday) 10:30-15:00
Venue: Hachikuan (former name: Former Kawasaki Residence)
Capacity: 16 people *Complete reservation system
Participation fee: 143,000 yen per person (tax included)
Advance reservation required: Reservation ends when capacity is reached Reservation: Contact: Kyoto Shunju Kotonari Juku 075-231-7015
・Yamaboko parade viewing from Hatchikuan Hokomidai
・Kinobu’s cold conger eel banquet and entertainment by geisha and maiko ・Expert Mr. Shinya Yoshimura commentary on the Gion Festival [Details of event contents]
■ Yamaboko parade viewing from Hachikuan
We have rented out Hatchikuan, a luxurious Kyoto townhouse built in the Taisho period that blends Japanese and Western styles, so that you can enjoy the climax of the yamaboko procession before the Gion Festival in a special place. From the “Hokomidai”, which was built for parade viewing, you can enjoy a powerful view that you can almost reach if you stretch out your hand.
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] Image provided by Seiya Inoue
■ Kyoto cuisine “Kinobu” cold conger banquet and reception by geisha and maiko In Kyoto, there is a custom of eating conger eel as a dish of hospitality during the Gion Festival, also known as the “Hamo Matsuri”. On the day of the event, you will enjoy the cold hamo kaiseki specially prepared by the famous kaiseki restaurant “Kinofu”. In addition, geisha and maiko in yukata will entertain you from watching the parade of floats to dining. The “Katsuyamamage” is worn by Maiko only during the Gion Festival to give it a cool look that is different from usual. Please enjoy the cool food culture and hospitality culture born of Kyoto’s hot summer.
[Image 3:×1280.jpg] Chilled Conger Conger Kaiseki
The venue, Hatchikuan (formerly known as the Former Kawasaki Residence), is a historically valuable Kyomachiya architecture designated as a tangible cultural property designated by Kyoto City. Completed in 1923 by Risuke Inoue, one of the wealthiest merchants in Muromachi, this Kyomachiya is a traditional Kyoto townhouse that adopts the “Frank Lloyd Wright style” that was popular at the time. Large wall construction.” The Western-style building was designed by Goichi Takeda, the father of Kansai modern architecture, and the tea room and Japanese-style room were designed by Asajiro Uesaka, a master sukiya architect. A tea room, a salon, a Western-style building, an entrance building, a garden, a two-story main building, a toilet, a bathroom, and two storehouses line the grounds of 248 tsubo. While incorporating cutting-edge technology and trends at the time, it is a masterpiece of architecture that offers a glimpse of a fragment of an era in architectural history, with a design that combines Japanese and Western styles. Please enjoy the Yamahoko Junko in a strict yet gorgeous scene that preserves the appearance of the time.
[Image 4:×1440.jpg] Hatchikuan
Kyoto Cuisine “Kinobu”
“Kyoto Ryori Kinobu” is a long-established restaurant founded in 1935 that continues to provide sophisticated tastes through innovative efforts while preserving the tradition of Kyoto cuisine such as refined techniques and delicate seasoning. Kyoto restaurant. Mr. Takuji Takahashi, the current owner and successor to the third generation, received direct instruction from Mr. Teiichi Yuki at “Tokyo Kitcho” and returned to “Kinofu” after five years of training. He studied under his grandfather and father to learn the essence of Japanese cuisine, and while interacting with chefs from other countries, he boldly incorporated Western and Chinese cooking methods and ingredients, bringing a breath of fresh air to the world of Japanese cuisine. rice field. For this day, we will provide you with a special cold conger kaiseki meal.
[Image 5:×1280.jpg] Kyoto Cuisine “Kinobu”
Specialist Shinya Yoshimura
At the age of 26, he passed the 1st grade, the highest grade, in the Kyoto Tourism Culture Test (Kyoto Kentei). Most recently passed as the highest scorer for 6 years in a row. I have visited over 400 sightseeing spots in Kyoto so far. Moved to Yamaboko-cho with a passion for the Gion Festival. meteorologist. With the motto “seeing is believing”, he introduces things he has seen and explains not only the history but also the weather. His specialty is playing the koto. He has also made numerous appearances on TV and radio.
Kyoto Shunju Co., Ltd. plans and manages special openings of private temples and high-quality cultural experiences based on the corporate philosophy of “connecting Kyoto’s traditional culture with the world.” Utilizing his 30 years of connection with the world of temples and traditional culture, he produces events using cultural properties, special exhibitions of national treasures and important cultural properties at temples, and tourism in Kyoto. Kotonari cram school
A top-class Japanese cultural cram school planned and operated by Kyoto Shunju Co., Ltd.
Kyoto is one of the world’s leading cultural attractions. Taking advantage of our 30 years of connection with the world of temples and traditional culture, we provide a special time for everyone who seeks an essential cultural experience.
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Kyoto Shunju Co., Ltd. TEL: 075-231-7015 Email: Details about this release:

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