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LayerX Significantly updated document management functions for saving back-and-forth electronic ledger and stored documents. Improved security for legal compliance and convenience of document management

Bakuraku electronic ledger storage and document management functions for stored documents have been significantly updated. Improved security for legal compliance and convenience of document management
LayerX Co., Ltd., which aims to digitize all economic activities, has updated the document management function of stored documents in “Bakuraku Electronic Book Storage”.
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Until now, “Bakuraku Electronic Book Storage” has been used by many customers as a service that easily complies with the Electronic Book Storage Law for all types of documents (invoices, receipts, estimates, delivery notes, etc.).
As the number of users increases, we have received many requests for functions to manage documents more flexibly, such as saving management information necessary for each company and restricting input. With the addition of this function, the document management function has been expanded to make it easier to manage documents. It improves the convenience of document management while more safely complying with the Electronic Book Storage Law.
▽ Extended item function that allows you to add any item
You can now add up to three fields that can be entered when saving a transaction document. You can enter the information of any management items such as transaction number, manufacturing number, project name, etc. at the time of document registration, and you can now manage documents that link various information.
▽ Item mandatory/display setting function for each document type It is now possible to set required input items and display/hide settings for each type of transaction-related documents. You can display only the necessary input items for each document such as invoices, quotations, and delivery notes, and set the required items so that there are no omissions. With this function, it is possible to create a system in which each person in charge can input all the necessary information when saving documents, and it is possible to safely comply with the Electronic Book Storage Law.
▽ Edit lock function for entered document information
With this function, users who have permission to use the lock function can change the registered document information so that it cannot be edited. A locked document cannot be edited unless it is unlocked by a user with lock privileges. By using this function, it will prevent erroneous input and erroneous editing of items (business partner, transaction date, amount) that are search requirements required by the Electronic Book Preservation Law.
▽ Duplicate alert function that detects documents with the same name At the time of uploading documents, we search for duplicate documents, and if the same document exists, an alert will be displayed
automatically. Documents whose file names exactly match are regarded as duplicate documents, and duplicates are automatically determined. Documents that are judged to be duplicates will be automatically excluded from the import target after the user’s check is completed, so it is possible to prevent the phenomenon of uploading the same document multiple times.
With Bakuraku electronic ledger storage, we will be able to comply with the law with peace of mind, and we will add functions that enable efficient document management.
What is Bakuraku electronic ledger storage?
This is a service that allows you to electronically store national tax-related documents such as invoices and receipts in response to the Electronic Book Storage Act, which came into force on January 1, 2022. Compliant with JIIMA revised in 2021 “Electrical Book Law Scanner Storage Software Legal Requirement Certification” and “Electron Book Law Electronic Transaction Software Legal Requirement Certification”, realizing complete paperless. Available from free.
What is Bakurak
Bakuraku is a service that smoothly integrates expense management such as expense reimbursement, request for approval, corporate card, and invoice processing. It also complies with the Act on Preservation of Electronic Books and the Invoice System, realizing both operational efficiency and compliance with laws and regulations.
Overview of LayerX Co., Ltd.
Centered on corporate expenditure management service “Bakuraku”, joint venture “Mitsui Bussan Digital Asset Management” aiming to become a digital native asset management company, PrivacyTech business aiming at cross-organizational data utilization with privacy protection technology “Anonify”, large scale We develop and operate LayerX LLM Labs, etc., which aims to commercialize knowledge utilization and efficiency within an organization by utilizing language model (LLM) related technology.
Established: August 2018
Representatives: Yoshinori Fukushima, Representative Director and CEO / Yuki Matsumoto, Representative Director and CTO
Location: Ningyocho PREX 2F, 1-9-8 Horidomecho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Capital (including reserves): 11.26 billion yen
Corporate site:
Recruitment site:
Business site:
・Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management: ・ Anonify:
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