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Limited company GC’s boot camp New game appearance From complete inexperience to game creator in just 60 days. Direct interview with 3 students of GC’s boot camp produced by Hirohasu!

LLC GC’s Boot Camp
[New game released] From complete inexperience to game creator in just 60 days. Direct interview with 3 students of GC’s boot camp produced by Hirohasu!

[New game released] From complete inexperience to game creator in just 60 days. Direct interview with 3 students of GC’s boot camp produced by Hirohasu! AI Multiplication Table Game | Quiet Drinking – A game that defeats the craving for drinking | The secret story behind the development of a game that allows you to sleep
[Image 1:×724.png] Game Youtuber Hirohas, who has 60,000 registered users, and Unity book author Nobutora, a game creator who has exhibited at many indie game exhibitions, said, “Everyone can play games freely. The online school “GC’s Boot Camp” co-founded with the vision of realizing a world that can be created. ( At GC’s boot camp, we have prepared easy-to-understand lectures and curriculum so that beginners and inexperienced people can start. We have a dedicated community where you can interact with the teachers and instructors, so you can enjoy game development while exchanging opinions and sharing information. In addition, it is an online school where you can become a “selling” indie game creator in the shortest possible time by working on everything from planning to production and release in a very practical way. And this time, from the fastest “selling” game school GC’s boot camp, self-made games will be released one after another! What exactly is GC’s Boot Camp, which continues to release with unstoppable momentum? I have revealed the secret by interviewing the students directly. The game title released this time is [AI Multiplication Table Game ~Two Minutes Endurance Calculation Ability Improvement Training~] Created by Mr. Tomoni [Drinking Quit ~ A Game to Beat the Craving for Drinking] Created by Mr. y.sakamoto [Sleeping Game Mugen Sheep] Count] Creator: Hajire. Now, let’s take a closer look at the behind-the-scenes story behind the development of the game, as well as the points that we were particular about. [AI Multiplication Table Game ~Two Minutes Endurance Calculation Ability Improvement Training~]━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
[Image 2:×400.png] This game was released by Tomoni, who is currently a programmer. The development period is 2 to 3 weeks, with 1 hour on weekdays and 2 to 3 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Here is the untold story of the interview with Tomoni. Where did the idea for the game come from? The game was born out of a casual conversation with a friend. I learned many things when I was a child, but what is the most useful thing now? We started talking about it, and it turned into a conversation like, “Isn’t it a multiplication table?” My friend had a lot of trouble learning the multiplication tables, but I had a multiplication table game at home, so I remembered that I should have fun while learning, so I played the same way. However, I thought that if I could make a game that helps people remember the multiplication tables, everyone would be able to enjoy learning. I hope that 3rd and 4th graders who have just started learning the multiplication table will have fun learning it! Taking advantage of the characteristics of AI, we have put in a mechanism that makes it easier to answer questions that took a long time to answer or incorrect questions, so you can efficiently overcome your weak points! So, in fact, I would like people in their 50s and 60s who want to prevent blurring to work on it too. After all, it is how to make a game that “sells” from a professional point of view. Specifically, it comes down to the concept and how to put out advertisements at the planning stage. The reason I wanted to make it was when I was a child, but when I actually got to the stage of making it, I wanted to learn how to draw, so at first I was trying to make it for adults. Aren’t children the ones who enjoy the app the most?” So we changed the plan all at once. That part taught me the most important essential part in practice, “Who is the person who really needs it?” It was a big learning. Also, in terms of technology, the advertising course and support were very helpful. I was able to proceed smoothly with the support that was difficult for me alone, so that part was very helpful. Do you have any goals for the future? Anyway, I want to release a lot of games. To be honest, I’ve been in high spirits ever since I entered the school, and even though there are so many things I want to create, I feel like I haven’t caught up to them. I would like to release a game called “I was a villainess when I was reincarnated”. It’s hard to make an image, but I really want to do it, so I’d like to try it!
[Image 3:×400.png] [AI Multiplication Table Game ~Two Minute Endurance Calculation Ability Improvement Training~] Download here
[Image 4:×400.png] This game was released by y.sakamoto, who is currently active as a freelance engineer. The production period was about two and a half months, and it was said that he was working every day for two hours from 5 to 7 in the morning! Here is the untold story of the interview with y.sakamot. Where did the idea for the game come from? The idea came from a sobriety blog that I myself have been running for five or six years. In the past, I used to drink alcohol every day, but now I continue to abstain from alcohol. When I posted the process of making it on my blog, there were many people who had the same troubles, and the number of readers gradually increased. From there, I created this app based on the opinions and consultations of readers. Basically, you can set a sober day on the day you play with this app, but now you can set a sober day even if you don’t play the game if you listen to the advice of the guide. We are in the process of creating a feature. Thankfully, there are many people who use it, so we are making improvements every day to meet their requests. Where did the GC’s boot camp support help you in your practice? Is it a way to show
store-related marketing? I’ve been doing programming for a long time, but I’m really inexperienced when it comes to marketing. Also, even for the tools I was using for the first time, the instructor made easy-to-understand samples and taught me empathetically through chat, so I was able to proceed with the production smoothly. Do you have any goals for the future? I myself have been working as a freelance writer for about 3 years, so I would like to make use of that skill to create games with stories. At this stage, I’m thinking of an interview x zombie game, and I have a game structure in my head that has a lot of story development. I want to continue to work hard with the goal of producing it!
[Image 5:×400.png] [Abstaining from alcohol – A game that defeats the desire to drink]
Download here ↓▼IOS▼Android ? [Sleeping game infinite sheep counting] ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
[Image 6:×400.png] This game was released by Mr. Hajire, who runs a restaurant. The development period was less than a month, and it seems that it was completed in 2 hours on working days and 6 to 8 hours on holidays. Here is the secret story of the interview with Hajire. Where did the idea for the game come from? It is a game for insomnia that you can understand because you are a former insomniac. “I can’t sleep thinking about today’s work or the past..” Where did the GC’s boot camp support help you in your practice? Hirohasu-san is about to give you an accurate bad soup. Originally I was thinking of a “hamster”, but in the end there is also a process to make it a “sheep”. In addition, Mr. Nobutora helped me set up the advertisement while teaching me in the Discord chat. I definitely couldn’t have done this by myself…lol Do you have any goals for the future? If the proposal submitted to GC’s boot camp is accepted, I will work on it based on it, uploading about one project every three months, and eventually earning about 200,000 yen in advertising revenue. increase. In the future, I would like to install the released [Sleeping Game Infinite Sheep Counting] so that it can be used on iOS, so please download and play!
[Image 7:×400.png] [Sleeping game infinite sheep counting] Download here
[Image 8:×630.png] “The instructors and students also played test games during
development and received various opinions. It was very good!” “I never made a proposal when I was self-studying game production, so the way to make a proposal and the way of thinking was especially useful. It broadens my horizons, so I plan to make it when I challenge a new genre in the future. I was really happy to hear from the students who studied at GC’s boot camp and are working on development! If you want to know more about GC’s Boot Camp, you want to find friends who share the same aspirations, and you want to think about and develop a game plan that actually sells, please visit the website below. Official HP ↓ In addition, at GC’s Boot Camp, we will inform you again when students release new games. The latest information is being distributed on the official Twitter, so please check it out. Official Twitter ↓ We are accepting media requests for coverage. If you wish to use the media, please contact GC’s Boot Camp, a joint company, with the name of the medium, the name of the company, the name of the person in charge, and your contact information (phone number and email). *This is a school established by two people who continue to be active on the front lines of the game industry.
[Image 9:×1220.png ]
The school “GC’s Boot Camp”, co-founded by Hirohasu and Nobutora, has a vision of “realizing a world where anyone can freely create games”. A school where you can make games and become an indie game creator. will support you, so you can directly recognize the reaction to the game you created by releasing it to the world instead of creating it. was
[Image 10:×610.png ]
-Vision- · In the shortest 3 months of phase 1, you can experience a series of processes from production to sales. ◆ Instructor profile
[Image 11:×648.png ]
Born in 1980, active game creator from Prefecture.▼Youtube▼Twitter▼instagram▼Tiktokhttps: // ▼Production game list “Nobutora Mori”
[Image 12:×932.png] Born in 1987. Game production programmer with 14 years of game production experience and 8 years of Unity experience. After learning the basics of game programming at a vocational school, joined a consumer game development company in 2008. Currently, while working as a front-line game programmer at a major game company, he holds a “Unity course starting from scratch” for inexperienced and beginners on Udemy and shcoo, and publishes two books to learn Unity
development. And this time, Nobutora, who is known as a game creator and game study group lecturer, has been appointed as an exclusive lecturer for GC’s Boot Camp.
Twitter▼Youtube Profile-GK GC’s Boot Camp (GC’sbootcamp, Inc.)・Representative name: Nobutora Mori・Location : Kuwano Building 2F, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・Official website: ・Official Twitter:
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