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M3WE LLC Create and publish your own books! Started a practical course on planning, production, and publishing with notes

Create and publish your own book! Started a practical course on planning, production, and publishing with notes
The time has come when you can publish the books you want to make, not the books that publishers want

M3WE LLC (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yuyo Morita) will start a know-how course on how to plan, produce, and publish books by yourself from note today. Until now, there are people who say, “I want to write a book, but I don’t know how to do it myself.” It is useful content for those who want to make it with.
Background for preparing this course
[Image 1:×1280.png] In recent years, there are many people who are engaged in writing activities. I’m sure some of you have a dream of “one day meeting someone from a publisher and creating your own book.” However, only a few can make that dream come true. Many people end up with dreams. One of the reasons why it is not adopted is “mismatch”. For example, a publisher looking for an adult love story would not adopt a romantic comedy. The same is true in the business field. Companies that want to publish cookbooks don’t produce books of the world’s most advanced metaverse articles. If there is a mismatch, no matter how good the manuscript is, it will not be accepted.
You might think, “Well, let’s write what the publisher wants and have it published.” That would be an idea too. It is not wrong as a marketing strategy because it makes products (writes manuscripts) according to the needs of customers (publishers).
But are you really happy to write what others (publishers) want, not what you think? Today, the world is becoming more diverse. What publishers want may be popular with the masses. But some people will like the work that was not adopted. For example, some readers may say, “Actually, I have a secret feeling, but I agree with this author’s opinion.”
It would be a great loss for Japan if the manuscripts of enthusiastic authors were buried just because “publishers would not adopt them.” Therefore, we decided to offer a practical course for those who want to make a book by themselves.
Advantages of our courses
Currently, our company is doing a project in which the author does everything from planning to production to publication of the book. ーー
Press release Publishing “first stock investment teaching materials” for high school and university students through crowdfunding
The author, Morita, has experienced book planning, manuscript writing, production, and data submission to printing companies in his career. We are carrying out a project to make a book and sell it by making use of those knowledge.
[Image 2:] As part of this activity, we have posted a note (left) with content that says, “Let’s make and sell the books we want to make without relying on publishers.” At that point, some people were interested in this information, so I decided to make the production know-how content this time.
The information on the left image can be viewed from the following site.
Course overview
[Image 3:×1280.png] In this course, we will carefully explain the production method, placing the point of “making it alone”.
There are parts that can be made more efficient by doing it alone. I’m planning to tell you the tricks for such a production side. In addition, we plan to tell you based on episodes such as what the author actually experienced in the current project, what was successful, what needed improvement, and what was difficult. *Explanation on how to use the software is not planned.
* We will proceed on the premise that printing will be outsourced. We are considering the following content:
・Overview of book making
・Rules for producing paper books
・Planning, unit allocation
・Manuscript writing and production
・Basic knowledge of layout
・Structure, correction, proofreading
・Preparation for delivery of data to a printing company (basic knowledge only) ・Correspondence after printing
・ Sales method, etc.
* Contents are subject to change to cover the latest information. -URL-
・Course: Create and publish your own book! (magazine)
・ Content released on June 21st “What should I do even if I say I’m going to make a book?”
・ 500 yen (tax included) per content
* To commemorate the first time, the content released on June 21st will be released free of charge until 17:00 on June 23rd. After that, a fee will be charged.
About M3WE LLC
A company based on the concept of “Metaverse + ESG”. Currently, I am researching avatars and diversity, and explaining avatar investment. Morita, the representative, owns LAND (one is held in The Galleria area where Paris Hilton and others have LAND) and avatars in the Metaverse The Sandbox. Among them, he owns 23 Care Bear avatars, ranking second in the world (as of June 19, 2023). I am actively investing in avatars and researching them. I am also writing a book about investing in stocks.・ Head office address: YANMAR TOKYO 12th floor, 2-1-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ・ Established: January 2023 ・ Twitter: ・ note:* Please feel free to contact us via DM on Twitter. We are also happy to provide external information on this press release and provide consultations on lectures, etc.
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