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Mail-order limited product “Song Box that resonates with your heart” will be released on July 1st!

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Mail-order limited product “Song Box that resonates with your heart” will be released on July 1st!
The first mail-order product in the “Kokoro ni Echo” series (5 CDs containing 90 songs in total), which was pre-sold only in some mail-order stores, is finally on sale.

Starting with “Kokoro ni Echo Uta” released in 2013, the “Kokoro ni Echo Uta” series has released 8 titles to date.
This is a compilation CD containing popular songs, folk, new music, etc. In the current era when CDs, especially compilation CDs, do not sell well, the total number of shipments of the 8 titles in the series has exceeded 120,000, making it a secret hit series.
Now, the mail-order products of the “Resonate with the Heart” series are finally on sale. It is a gorgeous CD-BOX with plenty of volume, with a total of 90 songs in a set of 5 CDs. Details of the product can be found on the special site ( that was released on the same day, but you can check out “Stranger/Saki Kubota”, “Hatsukoi/Kozo Murashita”, and “Strawberry White Paper”. Hit songs that everyone knows, such as “One more time / bang bang”, are lined up.
“Kokoro ni Kokou Uta BOX” contains a number of nostalgic songs for people who lived in the same era.
A song box that resonates with the heart
On sale July 1, 2023 DYCS 1244
A total of 90 songs in a 5-CD set
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1. Stranger / Saki Kubota
2. In the season / Chiharu Matsuyama
3.Eyes are diamonds/Seiko Matsuda
4. First love / Kozo Murashita
5.22-year-old farewell/Wind
6. “Strawberry white paper” again / bang bang
7. You / Akiko Kosaka
8. Cotton handkerchief / Hiromi Ota
9. Lullaby of Our Lady (Ruby: Madonna) / Hiromi Iwasaki
10.Fall in love- / Akiko Kobayashi
11. Memory of love / Shigeru Matsuzaki
12. Good Day Departure / Momoe
13. And I’m at a loss/Yoshiyuki Osawa
14. Your Morning/Satoshi Kishida
15.20-year-old encounter/signal
16. Coffee shop in the student town / Garo
17. Street corner where lovers get wet / Masatoshi Nakamura
18. Lover/Mayumi Itsuwa

1. SACHIKO / Banba Hirofumi
2. Serenade/Yosui Inoue
3. Mr. Summertime/Circus
4. I am a piano/Mizue Takada
5. To Say Goodbye / Billy Bang Bang
6. Cosmos / Momoe
7. Please understand / Akira Inaba
8. Machibuse/Hitomi Ishikawa
9. Just like those days / Bread & Butter
10. Muenzaka / Grape
11. Before Winter Comes / Paper Balloon
12.Travel lodge/Takuro Yoshida
13. Leave it to me / Craft
14. Lost Road / Machiko Watanabe
15. Cape Tour / Kotaro Yamamoto and Weekend
16.September Rain / Hiromi Ota
17. Don’t Say Goodbye / Mayumi Itsuwa
18. One Night of Dreams / Minami Kosetsu

1.Blue Sky Blue/Hideki Saijo
2. While listening to Olivia / Anri
3. Leave the Love to the Wind/Hiroaki Igarashi
4. Seagull is Seagull / Ken Naoko
5. Dramatic Rain/Junichi Inagaki
6. Unrequited love / Shogo Hamada
7. The day the seagull flew / Machiko Watanabe
8. Your Heart is Marine Blue / Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe 9. Tokyo Lullaby/Rie Nakahara
10. Sad color / Masaki Ueda
11. Virgo Palace/Momoe
12.Let’s get married/Takuro Yoshida
13. If I could meet you in a dream / Minako Yoshida
14. Love is Kagero / Masamu
15.Let’s start with Goodbye/Motoharu Sano
16. Shadow of Youth/TULIP
17. Harusame / Kozo Murashita
18. Remnant Snow / Dolphin

1. Ruriiro Earth / Seiko Matsuda
2.California Connection/Yutaka Mizutani
3. Don’t give up on your dreams / Takako Okamura
4. Sayonara pattern / Toshihiro Ito
5. Message to Johnny / Pedro & Capricious
6. A Journey without Signposts / Ryuun Nagai
7. Blue/Machiko Watanabe
8. Sky Restaurant/Hi-Fi Set
9. As a kindness, as a memory / Fukinoto
10. Regret of Youth / Reimi
11. Dancer / Kozo Murashita
12. Youth who walked with you / Hiromi Ota
13. Fly to Istanbul / Mayo Shono
14. Make me a slow boogie (I want you)/Yoshitaka Minami
15. Sleepless night/Hideki Saijo
16. If I could play the piano/Toshiyuki Nishida
17. Ember / Mayumi Itsuwa
18. Subaru – Subaru – / Shinji Tanimura

1.Yes-No/Off Course
2. Wine Red Heart/Safe Zone
3. Silhouette Romance / Junko Ohashi
4. Full of memories / H2O
5. I’m crying / Lily
6. Shining / Hideaki Tokunaga
7. Autumn stop/Alice
8. That wonderful love again / Kazuhiko Kato and Osamu Kitayama 9.Woman born in Osaka/BORO
10 Desire Town/Down Town Boogie Woogie Band
11. Vertigo / Kei Ogura
12. Anna/Kai Band
13. If you can fly in this sky / Tokiko Kato
14. Pink Breath/Takashi Sato
15. Premonition of Spring ~I’ve been mellow/Ami Ozaki
16. Last Spring Break/Hi-Fi Set
17.Goodbye Day/Takao Kisugi
18.Woman from “Tragedy of W” / Hiroko Yakushimaru
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